Kyra here!

I have been sick all week.
Eric moved to Salt Lake. I thought I was going to be a lot sadder then I actually am. I was thinking about it last night, that that part of my life is officially over. I don’t even think I care anymore. I’m so over everything. I’ll most likely never fall in love again, and I don’t even care at this point.

I just found out this morning that an old friend that I used to hangout with a lot back in jr/high school died in a tragic accident this morning. It’s pretty awful. His sister posted on her facebook, “He died alone, and I don’t know what to do.”
He always had a really nice smile. My best friend was in love with him for about seven years.

I always start to think I have such struggles in life, and then something like this shows up and it’s like ‘Wow I’m a baby.’ I’ve never felt real grief, have I?

I don’t know. I’ve actually been a lot happier these last few weeks. But now I’m just confused again.

My new novel/story is like nothing I’ve ever thought to write. I still don’t know my character as well as I should. She does things and I’m not sure why. I can’t help it, it’s her life, not mine. ha!

The lack of sleep I think is making me slightly crazy. I’m probably turning into Tyler Durden. I’m going to start seeing better images of myself walking around town any day now. 😛

I have to do a huge ass re-write on my finished novel. I want to submit it into some writing contests. Ann Dee read it for me a few months ago, and left me all these amazing notes, and I’ve not even finished half the re-write. Why do I let my mind and thoughts control my life so much?

Happy mid-week, everyone! Don’t forget to register to vote. I need as many votes as I can get. {just kidding.}



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4 responses to “Kyra here!

  1. Rebecca Birkin

    Sorry about your friend. You’re not a baby. Everyone’s grief is real and important to them.

    I wish you lots of success on your new novel/re-write. I hate rewriting. I have so much rewriting I should be doing. I hate rewrites!

  2. love is hard! today you might not want to or think you’ll fall i love again. but you will! and you have felt grief. everyone’s is different, and like rebecca said, everyone’s is important.

    and that’s why i bet your stories are awesome and i can’t wait to read them one day. rewrite away because you have such a great voice and i bet your characters do too!

  3. Kyra

    You guys always have something nice to say! I love you all

  4. I agree with Shar. You have a great voice here on the blog and I bet that carries through to your novels. I would love to read them someday, so get to work on those edits!


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