Candy for sale

I am so disappointed because I just wrote a heartfelt post about halloween and dogs sitting on faces. Then I clicked on publish post and it disappeared into nothing. Poof. That is spooky and that is a actually a really good way to start the month.

Here is the gist of the post because I really have to write my book and it’s nine twenty and time is not on my side.

I keep having the first line “one day a dog sat on my face” run through my head. I’ve mentioned this before. It appears at least once a day. Sometimes twice. Occasionally three or four times. I don’t know why. I don’t have a dog and I do have a face but not one that’s experienced with dogs. I have many questions about this first line like would a dog ever sit on someone’s face? Why? And would the person have to be dead? Or asleep? Or weird? And is the dog big or small and that would be extremely traumatizing. It also reminds me of Halloween.

So, since I love Halloween and i was little orphan annie four years in a row, I have decided to sponsor a contest. Write a hundred words, starting with the line “one day a dog sat on my face” as the opener. You don’t have to finish the story–it’s not flash fiction, but rather the beginning of a very good book that I would read in a heartbeat.

Send your spooky entries to by high noon next Tuesday which I think is the seventh if I can do math correctly but I usually can’t. I will send the winner a prize that will be worth a lot in value as far as halloween goes but not a lot in value as far as currency goes. It might be handmade or china made and it may or may not involve that liquid candy that comes in mini sports bottles that they may or may not make anymore but which I drank at regular intervals during Halloween season in my youth. Who knows. The bottom line is, this is going to be a good prize.

Entries will also be featured on this blog if Carol says it’s okay. If we have fun, I may start another contest next week.

OR if we don’t have fun and no one enters, that will be really spooky and my feelings will not be hurt because I will get to keep the prize that I don’t have yet. Plus it will add to the Halloween atmosphere that I’m trying to foster in my home.

I think that’s all.



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4 responses to “Candy for sale

  1. I will try to enter. I am letting “one day a dog sat on my face” ferment. But I won’t win, cause I never win. But I might eat candy corn to make me feel better even though it looks and probably tastes like candles. Really good candles, though.

  2. I’m gonna try, too. But unlike Emily, I win everything, so yay. Except I win things that are random and not skill-related, so boo. I hope you post ’em on the blog. I’d love to read what people come up with.

  3. CLW

    Can i enter? Could I win? Should I enter if I can’t win?

  4. i need to start writing so i will enter too. šŸ™‚


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