Monday, Monday

And October to boot.
Can you believe it?
Are you thinking about using this month to get in a groove for NaNo next month? Are you writing every day? Are you meeting your word goals?

Today a friend and I go on a road trip that will end us up at a place where we might write fiction for an e-publisher.
She’s driving (we’re not doing the long-o trip that Ann Dee did) and that means I must where a helmet plus a giant bouncy ball outfit, just in case.

Things I will do today as far as writing goes:

1. read my students weekend papers
2. work with Laura
3. take this three + hour trip
4. write just 30 minutes of my book that Steve wanted a month ago.

So, no time to male a long blog this morning.
I must away. And try and find a brush. Plus put on make up. And I can’t drive all the way to who-knows-where nekkid (because it might get sweaty in my bouncy ball outfit) so I better get dressed, too.

What about the rest of you????

PS I have found a place for us to rent where we can eat and mingle AND THEN would have a stage plus mic to read a few pages from our stories. We need at least 10 people to do this. Interested?
Let us know and we can do it!


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5 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. I so need a writer road trip. I’m terrified of Nano…since I’m actually considering it this year. An eat-mingle-read-a-thon sounds awesome.

  2. Robin Johnson

    I love roadtrips! And I love and am totally interested in this magical place of eating, mingling, and writing! I would BE there!

  3. I am definitely in on the eat-mingle-write thing too. Keep us posted. Also gearing up for NANO.

  4. Kyra

    eat and mingle sounds fun.

  5. Rebecca Birkin

    Eat, Mingle, write sounds good to me too. Sort-of like my life without the mingle part!


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