Kyra Here!

Wednesday comes every week. And it feels like more often than Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

My friends and I have decided that Wednesday will be our mid-week girls night. Last week I went to Sundance and ate nachos and just chatted it up. It sort of made the rest of the week not so bad. {Even though my mid-week day is Thursdays. . .it still. . .it’s still nice}

If you were to have a weekly girls night. What activities would you like to do?
Better yet, if your character was to have a weekly girls night, what would SHE like to do?
I know that in my newest novel that I’m working on, my character would probably want to do something that involved a boy. Even if it was on girls night. She’s sort of a boy crazed person who just wants to be loved. But she doesn’t love anyone back. I don’t know.

I have been slacking. I need to start doing at least a monthly book review. I just feel like, I don’t know. Someone in the family {Won’t say who…} racked up a twenty dollar charge on my current library card.
So that is partly why I can’t rent new books. I was using Eric’s card for awhile but now that we aren’t dating I threw it away. {Aren’t I mean? I know he doesn’t use it.}

I went to the funeral yesterday morning of my friend that passed away last week.
There were so many writers in the group of speakers. They had a sort of open mic and stuff. So a lot of the people that got up, wrote something for the boy that passed away. I guess he was a writer, too. {Poetry}
It was pretty touching, but also depressing. But that’s just how funerals go.

My Pandora station has been playing the weirdest stuff this morning. Journey, Lil Wayne, Country, and some pop bands. I thought they knew be better, but I guess not.

I think I’m going to write.
I think about selling my book every night before I fall asleep. Funny fantasy huh?



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2 responses to “Kyra Here!

  1. Argh, library fines suck. I always get mad at myself for racking up fines. I mean it’s a free service if you play by the rules. But sometimes I just can’t get my act together. Our library has a yearly “amnesty” period when you can bring anything back (even something that is YEARS overdue) and they won’t charge you for it. And now they do this food drive thing where during a specific two-week period they will wipe out your fine if you donate some canned goods.

    I’m sorry about your friend. It’s nice that so many people shared at the funeral. It’s always good to hear how much someone meant to others.

    I try to get together with a friend once a week. We usually get together to talk about writing or to just sit and write together. Sometimes it’s that support that helps us to write our way through a block. Enjoy your girls night tonight, Kyra.

  2. I like the idea of your girls’ night out. I think having and maintaining relationships with girlfriends is really important. Nachos at Sundance sounds heavenly!

    When I do girl’s night out, we like to do dinner and a movie, but we also like to go to book signings and then go to dinner afterwards. It’s fun to go to a signing in a different city and then find a new amazing restaurant after! (I live by San Francisco so there are lots of signings all over)

    Also, sorry about the library fines. You did the right thing by throwing Eric’s card away.


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