Dogs on your face.

You guys and girls, you have precious very very little time to write your “one day a dog sat on my face” entries. If you’ll remember, the deadline is high noon tomorrow (the 8th–apparently I can’t do math). We’ve had a few fantabulous entries but we need some more. It’s Halloween after all and what would be more scary than a dog on your face. Be brave and enter:

the beginning of a story

100 words

first line has to be “one day a dog sat on my face” (or something very close to that)

winner will get something ridiculous

email entries to

entries will be featured on the blog.

Carol can enter but will not win

no offense to carol

Emily, I expect an entry from you. A really really spooky one. 

Also, I will be posting a new scary contest tomorrow. I like them. The only thing I’m bad out is handing out prizes because I am the worst worst worst at going to the post office but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. We’ll see how it goes this spooky month. 

Also also, who is going to hear Lois Lowry this week? 

Also, also, also I unfortunately really like Sonic breakfast burritos. This is probably not good for my health. And why do my kids HAVE VERY SPECIFIC Halloween costume requests and I can’t sew? At all? And why am I so cold and then hot and then cold? I think that’s all my personal ranting for now. I hope it was scary for you. 

May the best dog entry win! 



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17 responses to “Dogs on your face.

  1. Wow, Ann Dee. Tomorrow is the 9th. You really are bad at math. Hahaha. Good thing you’re so cute. Did you get mine? Can’t wait for tomorrow’s scary contest!

  2. writing tonight – thanks for the reminder! can’t wait to read what others send in. i’m headed to see lois lowry and would love to see you there! and costumes. i always want to dress up but i never have a great costume so i end up being boring. trying to come up with something fun with my kids, who both want to be spider girl.

  3. Elizabeth Dimit

    I like dog on your face contests, I dislike Halloween costumes.

  4. Emily

    now I’m not sure if I should be feeling guilty or if you meant a different Emily…

  5. CLW

    Also, yesterday I saw THE cutest sock monkey outfit. Milo would look ADORABLE.

  6. Yes, going to see Lois Lowry. Hope to see you there.

  7. I guess I have to do it now. *brainstorms*


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