Kyra here!

Today I have a huge inventory count. Which I think is kind of funny because last night I was up almost the entire night.
Isn’t that always how it goes? You sleep like crap and the next day you have to do something tedious and annoying that uses your eyes and tiny numbers and handwritten notes and stuff?
Well, for me that’s always how it goes.

Has anyone seen The Weather Man? I watched it last night. It was sort of about a writer {Nicholas Cage only seems to play a good character when they are authors or wannabeauthors (Adaptation. Also a GREAT movie)}.
The movie had that sad feel to it. You know, with kind of a grey outlining. Dark clouds on a Sunday morning. You know, that sort of feel.

I don’t know why those are always the movies that I like.

They are also the type of books I really like, too. {Anything recently written by Mom. . . .}

After watching that movie I wonder, are people REALLY happy? Or do they just say they are? Like. . . hmmm. . . even famous people. The only REALLY believable happy person on TV seems to be Oprah {I’ve been watching a bunch of stuff about her because she’s in my next novel. . .don’t ask. . .} and Daniel Tosh {Tosh.0)
Everyone else seems to be faking.

Are you faking?

I think in my recent novel, my character {her name is Charlie} is faking.
Most people are at least faking part of it. I know I’m a happy person, most of the time. Unless it’s really cold and I’m lonely.

I went and saw the greatest show EVER on Friday.
Have any of you ever listened to Metric? Well, I watched them live on Friday. And besides all the old wannabes {there are always old people who just want to get drunk at +21 shows}, it was really like the best show ever. It really made me HAPPY. It made me want to be cool, rebellious, successful, good-looking, all at once.

How do you write a book that makes someone feel that way?? Now that is the big mystery.

Feelings suck.

This post needs to end now!



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4 responses to “Kyra here!

  1. I LOVE Metric.

    And I totally suck at faking things. I literally wear my heart out on my sleeve (and misuse the term literally, apparently). Bummer for when I want to fake being cool, rebellious, successful, good-looking.

    But at least you always know where you stand with me, right?

  2. Yes Kyra, I think you discovered the secret to life. People fake things all the time. One time, right after I had my first baby, I was in the grocery store with her and an adorable pregnant couple came up and asked me how it was. I know what they wanted to hear, that it was the best thing and had changed my life and how I couldn’t imagine life without her.

    But I told them the truth. That I was exhausted and that a lot of it sucked. And it had changed my life….but that, sometimes, I wanted my old life back. And they. were. shocked!

    Hm. So now I lie like everyone else. I mostly always tell people I’m fine, even when I’m not. Except now, I DO know that having that baby did change my life and I can’t imagine it without her. It just took me awhile to get used to it.

    Also, I loved this line of yours. “The movie had that sad feel to it. You know, with kind of a grey outlining. Dark clouds on a Sunday morning. You know, that sort of feel.”

    It feels right out of a novel.

    • Kyra

      At least now I know never to have a baby. hahah just kidding. But I have only heard one other person tell me something very similar. Everyone else must be a big fake and pretend to love it. haha

      Thank you for the compliments!


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