Three Thing Thursday

!. I posted all the contest entries (WHICH I LOVE) and then they disappeared . . . again. This is a spooky month. I will repost when I get more time. They are hilarious.

2. This came up in our house. It was not pleasant. What do you think? Does this relate to writing? I think so. Very much so.

3. Here’s the National Book Award FInalist List. Have you read any?

I think that’s all. Happy spooky weeks.


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by | October 11, 2012 · 4:07 pm

One response to “Three Thing Thursday

  1. Emily

    chores, causing conflict since…ever. my sister in law’s kids all recently got a stomach bug in succession and she was nearly convinced that they did it on purpose to get out of emptying the dishwasher 😛


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