Kyra here. :)

All my posts are always about not sleeping. Or something like that.

Well, I’ve been sleeping lately. But guess what? I miss the insomnia already. Because I can’t fall asleep without my ex popping up in my dream and pretending like nothing happened. We’re always in love. And happy. And blah blah blah.

I hate sleep. I think it’s time to shotgun a Rockstar before bed until I fall in love again. {I highly highly highly doubt that’s ever going to happen . . . but you know. It’s nice to think about.}

Has anyone read anything by David Sedaris?
Right now I’m currently reading one of his novels called Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. It’s pretty funny. Not as funny as Naked, his other book, but still funny.

But it does make me think, “Well, I could write a memoir. . .”

Does anyone think that their life could be put in a novel?

I don’t actually think that MY life could be put in a novel. But I think maybe as a group . . . everyone in my family. I think their lives could be in a novel. If that makes sense.

What is everyone dressing as for Halloween? What are everyone’s plans?
My sisters and I are all doing an Alice theme. I’m Alice. Laura is the White Queen. Elise is the White Rabbit. My best friend is the Red Queen. (Interjection by CaroltheMom–KYRA!!! I had NO IDEA you were thinking of letting me play the Red Queen! Thank you for this surprise way of asking me, your best friend, to be a part of your Halloween antics. No one ever asks me to play.)
I just need a Mad Hatter date! HA!

I read all the Dog sat on my face snippets yesterday at work. Some of those really cracked me up! You guys are great!

Okay. Well. . . .bye.

PS We have been quoting this all week.



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4 responses to “Kyra here. :)

  1. Kyra

    hahahah!! Mom I’d love you to be the red queen! hhaha

  2. Andrea

    Ha, ha! How have I never seen those bad lip reading videos before? Awesome.

    I haven’t read the David Sedaris books, but I’m sure they’re funny. I’ll have to check them out.

  3. You know who Nicole Atkins is! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. I have that CD and LOVE it.
    The Bad Lip reading vids are the best. Have you seen the new one? Sparrow Song, or something like that.


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