Three Thing Thursday

1. Here is a Halloween Writing contest. You have four days and I know nothing about them but you get a t-shirt if you get your story posted. I think we all should get posted and have matching T-shirts.

2. You can also write a spooky/horror romance in 100 words and email it to by midnight on Saturday (extended deadline). You should also also read all the dog on face entries posted on Tuesday. They are very funny AND THERE’S A NEW ONE THAT WE SOMEHOW MISSED!! Please read through them all and send your votes to Also leave comments so we can get feedback on our writing.

And tell your friends to come vote too. Who doesn’t want to read about waking up with a dog on your face?

3. My husband and I broke up during this movie. It was very spooky and we eventually got back together but if you want something weird and break uppy and involves hanging off ledges, you should check it out.
We should probably list our favorite halloween/spooky/mystery books at some point. And movies.

love and candy.


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