Winner of spooky romance coming soon. To your house! Ha ha. Just kidding. But really, I’ll announce the winner very soon. In the meantime, how many of you are doing Nanowrimo? I am toying with the idea of really and truly and all the way doing it, for reals. I sent in my revision yesterday (with prayers for the east coast) and now I have writing decisions to make:

1. do I start something completely new?

2. do I keep going on something I’ve already started but keep putting off?

3. do I revise a finished manuscript?

I think the beauty of Nanowrimo is getting permission to work your bum off on something for a month while thousands of other people are working their bums off. In the end, there will be thousands of books and no bums. A utopian dystopia. 

I may start something new and I may have a shiny new horrible draft of a book by December. If I do this, and really do it, I’m going to think of some kind of fabulous reward at the end–like a night in a fancy villa, or twenty pounds of chocolate covered cinnamon bears, or a month of free housecleaning (does anyone know how I can get that?). 

Who is with me? 

Who want to eat lots of food? 

Who wants to stay up late?

Who wants to clean my house? 



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5 responses to “Nanowrimo

  1. Rebecca Birkin

    I’m with you on everything but cleaning your house 🙂

  2. I’m signed up. Come and be my writing buddy everyone. I’m Emily Idon. Also, Ann Dee, I will virtually clean your house.

  3. Bruce Luck

    I’m there with you, but do we really have to clean your house?

  4. Ann Dee, you must succumb to the Nano bug. I’m in it again this year. Except Nano seems to work my butt on, not off. Hmmm. Maybe I need to add more chocolate covered cinnamon bears to the event.

    Buddy me too, everyone. I’m ilimaktodd.



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