National Novel Writing Month and Kyra

(with notes interspersed from Carol)

NaNoWriMo month.

We all know what this is– one month to write 50,000 words. New words. New book.
Who all is going to play this year? Did you know that you can join the Utah group for NaNoWriMo? {if you LIVE in Utah}? This may encourage you to keep writing writing writing.

I’m going to participate this year. Last year I said I was going to but I made a million excuses.
But this time I really don’t have much of an excuse.

Perfect job for writing.
Three new story ideas.
Desperately need a new draft of something. {Finished draft that is.}
Want any excuse to celebrate something.

Do you know what your story is going to be about? Is there something sitting in the back of your brain just waiting to be written this month of November?

Oh I forgot. Happy Halloween!


Some hints that might help you with NaNo this year.

* Plan TODAY what you’re going to write. Think about what your novel will be about. Write up a synopsis–a detailed synopsis–on this new idea of yours. Don’t go in cold. Be Prepared.
* Leave yourself a note–at the end of each day–for what will happen tomorrow. this will give you a bit of gas for writing the next time you sit down to work.
* Stop at a fun place in the writing so you want to keep writing the next day.
* DON’T rewrite. This isn’t the time to be picky about your language. Get the words down! And just keep going. You’ll have lots of time for rewrites after NaNo.
* Make a word count goal and stick with it (see below). DON’T get behind. Even if that means it cuts into your Project Runway All-Stars.
* Try writing at a specific time every day.
* Don’t forget that November is a huge month with THANKSGIVING and all! *IF* you write a few hundred words extra each day, you can take cooking days and eating days off.
* Just. Have. Fun.

Halfway through Nano we’ll meet for lunch, and, depending on the number of people–READ a bit of our work. Doesn’t that sound fun? I think that sounds fun. We already have the place and the mic. Here’s the date: Nov 14, 2012. That’s a Wednesday. We’ll give you more information as we get closer (and reserve the room).

Here on the blog we will write VERY short prompts, bits of writing encouragement, maybe run a contest or two, and etc to keep us going.

*Reward yourself!
I’m going to buy myself something expensive when I finish Nano. And I hope you all are planning on that as well. Maybe I will celebrate with a Noveltini or a Cosmonovelton. {Found off the nano site. These cocktails have great names!}

At the very end of this, we’ll have a DANCE. Really. Beginning of December. We’ve been talking about this too long and doing nothing. Now it’s time to find a place and boogie.

Check this out.

That could be one of us. Any of us. All of us.

* Get your writing buddies together and write for a few hours. Have a real WRITERS group. Where you sit around and write. As well as writing, you could eat goodies and gossip about nerd stuff and what not.

NaNoWriMo has so many great fun opportunities and excuses to just write. And make it fun. {not that writing isn’t fun. . .right? haha}


If you write every day of the month, you need to write: 1,666.66667 words per day
If you write six days a week, you need to write: 1,923.07692 words per day
If you want weekends off, you need to write: 2,272.72727 words per day
Round that number up to 2500 words per day (or 3000 wpd) and you can take a day off during the HOLIDAY!

FINALLY–What if you want to play NaNo but you are in school full time or are working and in school OR are doing a rewrite? While you aren’t allowed to NaNo unless you start a new book, still play with us.

* make rewrite goals that are strict but work in your schedule
* finish the book you are working on and then start another. Reach that 50,000 word goal for the month–but shape the goals to meet what YOU need to do

The idea? Make this writing month work for you.

Oh also. How does everyone feel about a Random Penguin house?

Okay I’m done!

Good luck everyone!
If you want, add your goals!

Finally, and most important,–our hearts and prayers go out to those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps we can think of a group way to help? A Red Cross Donation? Etc?



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4 responses to “National Novel Writing Month and Kyra

  1. I put this up on my blog, too. I’m not officially doing NaNoWriMo because I’m in the thick of an old project (not to mention a dissertation) but I am using November as my punch up the writing month. My goal is 500 words of fiction per day.

    Anybody else?

  2. Bruce Luck

    Good advice, all of it. I especially like the idea about leaving yourself a note at the end of each day for what will happen the next day you write.

  3. Kyra

    And it begins. I’m excited!!

  4. Carol

    Me, too! Got my almost first 1000 words done. Have to go get ready for school.
    My goal is 2272.72727 words per day.
    And if I get in a few more, yabba dabba do!


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