Three things Nanowrimo

1. Plan a retreat to catch up on your word count. It can be a day, a night, a day and a night. It helps if you bring friends and food. It also helps if you DO NOT bring friends and food.

2. Take time to assess what’s keeping you away from reaching your goals and see if you can prioritize differently. Like Miss Emily (see the comments on my last post). She does not do dishes during the month of November . . . in the name of nanowrimo. This is something I could get into. I may do nanowrimo all year.

3. Don’t forget to laugh. One of my biggest mistakes in life is letting things I love become not so lovable. I you need a break, write something else. Something funny. Write about the time you got your tongue stuck in a bottle or when you had your first kiss and it felt like a lizard licking your face. If you don’t have any horrible memories, read about someone else’s problems or embarrassing moments. Or go bowling. 

ssosos I mean xoxoxoxox



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2 responses to “Three things Nanowrimo

  1. I think Miss Emily is a LIAR. I happen to know she is a healthy mix of Liz Lemon and Martha Freaking Stewart and would never NOT do her dishes for a sustained period of time. But despite her spotless house and quick wit, she’s on track with Nano with a story sure to hook even the toughest top secret navy seal. Because she is toads amazing like that. She just didn’t want the rest of us to feel so bad. 😛

    Ann Dee, you got me reminiscing about my first kiss. Not good. Not good at all.

  2. In my defense, I have taught my children to do the dishes FOR me. It’s true, they aren’t as thorough as Martha Stewart, maybe more like Liz Lemon. But we all have to let it go. Also, my standards may be high, but you should see my house right now. I guarantee its pretty bad right now….

    Also, you all have to remember, we’re ART-ISTS. Which means we have excuses for THINGS. Like yesterday my husband came home and was like, “You writing right now?” And I was like, “No. I’m making a playlist for my WIP because it’s important.” He didn’t get it.

    But, I bet you all get it, cause you’re ARTISTS.

    And my playlist is kick-ass.


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