Ally Condie and REACHED

FYI everyone!

Ally got a starred review in Publisher Weekly with the third novel in her trilogy, REACHED.
I am only slightly jealous.

Here’s a bit of what they said: “Condie continues to draw readers in to her vivid broken world, adding rich color to the story through the interplay between characters and small but important moments.”

BTW, guess what Cait said when she saw all three covers side by side? “Hey, the covers are the colors of the pills!” Is she right?

Not only does Ally Condie have a star in PW, but she is also one of the nicest people you will meet.

So go buy her book!

And now get to writing on your own. Don’t you want to get a star in PW?


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One response to “Ally Condie and REACHED

  1. Andrea

    Can’t wait to read it!


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