Some Important Things From My Life:

1. Well my crock pot blew up. Probably because I am not keeping up my writing goals. That always happens. If you aren’t getting in at least some writing every day, stay away from all of your small appliances. 

2. Today I asked my boys for ideas for names for girl characters. They had a brilliant idea: Miss Naughty Poop Bum. I said, what? They said: Yes. Miss Naughty Poop Bum. I thought about this. What if a woman had a baby and when she told the nurse the name, Miss Naughty Poop Bum, of course, the nurse would have to write that name on the card. People would see the beautiful bundle and then see the name. Many questions arise.

Would the baby be cursed for life? Would she be more tenacious because of her unfortunate name? Would she seek out her Miss Naughty ancestors and find out the meaning of the name was actually quite spiritual? Would she change her name and always feel she was living a lie? The possibilities are endless. 

In your novel, how do you pick out names? Here are some tips. I generally just name everyone after people I know and then have to change them all later or get in trouble and then when I do change them, they all end up starting with the same letter and sounding the same. 

3. I am stil scared of swimmers at the pool. Sorry to all you swimmers. But I am keeping up with the other lazyman ironman goals.

4. Sometimes I have daydreams that celebrities call me and want to give me money. I say, why? They say, well, can we talk for a bit. I say, of course. So we sort through their personal problems and then they give me a million dollars. Tom Cruise gave me two million. 

5. I think that’s all. Ally’s launch party is tonight and Thanksgiving is next week. Also, I’m glad I voted. 

Happy writing everyone! 



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3 responses to “Things!

  1. Kyra

    Miss Naughty Poop Bum. hahahahah!!!!!! I love it. If you ever have a daughter I hope that you consider this name very seriously.

  2. Anndee, your posts never fail to make me smile. And just to warn you, I might call you Miss Naughty Poop Bum.

  3. poop is k’s favorite word right now. she says it All the time. she would love that name.


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