Kyra Here!

This is a real fast blog post because I don’t have a ton to say.

I am still trying to writewritewrite on my Nano. So far I am up to 18,000 words. But I’m still a little confused to what exactly is going to happen at the end/climax of my story.
I’ve got some ideas. . .but not sure.

How has all your writing been? I bet everyone is way ahead of me on the nano count. I have been slacking a lot. But it’s because I distract myself with dumb things like instagram. That thing is my best friend and worst enemy.

Did anyone see The Raven?
If you didn’t, don’t. Because it’s not bloody at all and it’s also pretty lame.

OH! And I have one last question.

Does anyone on here have a Kindle or Nook?
What is the difference between the two? Are they worth purchasing?
I feel like I don’t believe in one. . .but I also never make time for the library anymore because I’m a horrible person. That and my ex and I always went together. ugh.

Keep up the good work everyone!! My eyes are burning from lack of sleep.

PS. IF anyone knows of any decent places for rent {that ISN’T BYU approved. . .} Please let me know. I am about to freeze to death in my current living situation, and I’d like to get a place where I don’t share a room.

I love Mom. 🙂



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4 responses to “Kyra Here!

  1. Your word count is impressive, especially considering instagram. Stay away from #nanowrimo. You’ll spend hours on there obsessing about other Wrimos. I am still writing for NaNo as well and totally get the, “Where is this going?” feeling that the middle brings. I’m hoping to just muddle through it. We can always revise later, right?

    I was against kindles until I got one. I got the cheapest one you could buy and I love it because I can read my own stuff and my CPs stuff on there instead of the computer. It’s awesome for that.

    Good luck with the rest of NaNo!

  2. Angie

    I bought a Kindle and then an iPad. I ended up putting the Kindle app on the iPad. Which I love because our library has online book rentals that I can get on the iPad, but then I read them on the Kindle app. Now my actual Kindle collects dust.

    To top it off, if I love the book, I go buy it in hardback. So now I’ve bought the books twice. No matter what device it is, it’s never the same as the sound of turning pages and the feeling of holding a good book.


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