This week we, as writers, have a million things to be thankful for. Here are a few:

1. Our characters. Don’t you love them? And hate them? And aren’t you so glad you are never alone. Like NEVER EVER alone? There are all kinds of people walking around in your head, telling you stories, whispering jokes, getting in fights. I am always and forever grateful that I get to have so many people in my head. I also am wondering if I should see a therapist.

2. Our lives. I know writing is hard. I know that sometimes it gets put last on the priority list. I know that even when it is #1 on our priority list it is still so difficult. Such a huge puzzle that can sometimes be exhilarating and sometimes totally and completely horrible. But it pushes us. It makes things interesting. It makes us think. When I worry about getting Alzheimer’s, which I do think about, my dad reminds me that this profession I’ve gotten myself into is one of the best for the brain and I agree. Writing is work. And it’s good hard satisfying work. It pushes our brains.

3. Friends. I love my writing friends. I love all of you. Even if you don’t know I love you but I do because i’ve read your books or I’ve read your blogs or I’ve followed you in Target. I love you. As a writer, and I know I’ve said this over and over again, but as a writer, we are lonely people and we NEED each other. We need people who understand us and can commiserate with us and have no problem reading the same dumb chapter over and over again until we get it right. We need people who will celebrate when we finish a chapter or when we win a contest or when we don’t have a breakdown that day. We need people who will be there when things are going great and when things are going not so great. Who will tell us to keep going. To keep trying. To keep writing. To keep everythinging. Because let’s face it, writing has extreme ups and downs, millions of highs and lows, and so many in betweens. I am grateful for my friends old and new.

4. And of course, our families. Writing is such a balance. And I know I’m crazy. I also know that my family knows I’m crazy. And together we’ve had to learn to adapt to the lifestyle of a crazy writer lady. They are patient with me, supportive, kind, willing to step in when I need help, and always eager to attend signings where they will quite possibly be the only ones besides me in the bookstore. My husband has taken the kids, made my website, and listened to hours upon hours of me going on and on about imaginary people. He is the best person in the world. And so are my children and their enthusiasm for the stories I’m writing and the stories I haven’t written yet. Although my oldest does want me to write about dragons and I’m afraid I might have to disappoint him. I could go on and on. My dad who reads everything I write and my siblings and in-laws who have helped when I’ve had a deadline. As I a writer I am so so so grateful for my family.

I think that’s all for now. I hope you are all surviving Nano and eating lots of pre-thanksgiving food. I am trying really hard to bulk up for the big day. Today at the gym I got quite a few comments at how great I’m doing at filling in. It was a really good day.

Love and candy.



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3 responses to “Thankful

  1. Elizabeth Dimit

    Three cheers for family, friends real or imagined, and the crazy, zany writing life!!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at TUW!

  2. Carol

    We love you, too, Ann Dee Candy. We love how kind you are, and funny and how smart and what a good mom you are and we love that you are a fantastic writer.

  3. You are also a wonderful teacher and I am grateful for that. I am passing on many things I’m learning in class to my students. The writing love lives on. I wish you could hear all of their comments too. It would double or triple (or more) your Thanksgiving happiness.
    I’m asking for your books this year for Christmas.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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