Kyra Here!

That song up there was written about this:

It’s almost thanksgiving, which means it’s almost payday, which means it’s almost Black Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend.

Yes, that is how my brain works.

How has everyone’s Nano been going? I must say that this week hasn’t been good at all. At least not for me. Well, I’ve been rewriting on something old, so I haven’t bothered looking at my Nano.
That’s not very great of me because I feel like I was on a rolllll!! {Like a dinner roll, from Thanksgiving.}

Does anyone have any big plans for tomorrow?

I think I have a date this weekend.
At least I think it might be weird.

Maybe I should add a first date scene in one of my stories. Maybe you ALL should.

I bit all of my nails off last night. I’m not sure if it was because I was watching To Kill a Mockingbird, or because Mom made me watch the first half of Rock of Ages.
Either way. . . they don’t look too great.

I am having a great week so far. Don’t you love having a great week?

This post is all over the place.

I hope everyone keeps up their good work and writes their beautiful novels and we all get famous at the same time!




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2 responses to “Kyra Here!

  1. Carol

    I apologize about Rock of Ages. It wasn’t a thing like School of Rock. In fact, I’m glad we missed ten minutes of the skipping video.
    Everyone, don’t waste your time on Rock of Ages. Even most of the singing was bad (though Tom C. did a pretty good job singing if you didn’t look at him.).


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