Saturday NaNo!

Use something from the news in today’s writing.

And need a little break? This is pretty funny. 🙂

Jack Black! Hahahaha!
If only he hadn’t jumped around he might have been able to sing a bit longer!

Six more whole days left to reach your goal.


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5 responses to “Saturday NaNo!

  1. benschwensch

    Thanks for the laugh—I needed it. But not as much as I need, oh, say 12 more days instead of 6 . . . is that okay??? Could you just grant me the extra? CLW can do ANYthing, so that can’t be too much to ask. Luv U

  2. Sigh. I am a little behind. Thanksgiving and an overwhelming desire to chuck my manuscript got in the way. I have 11K to go. I need cheerleaders though. So if anyone wants to cheer: now’s the time.


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