The results are almost in

I had three main goals this month:

1. Nano.

2. Lazyman Ironman.

3. Enter many many drawings and win something.

Here’s how things worked out:

1. Nano: Fail.

2. Lazyman Ironman: 2 more miles left!!!!

3. Entering contests: I won an air freshner but not because I entered a contest. It’s a long story.

I’ve been assessing why my exercise goal was the one that I didn’t let fall to the wayside. I think there are multiple reasons for this but first and foremost is I had a concrete, clear tracking device that my boys got to check off every morning I came back from the gym. If I didn’t work out, they were sad. If I did work out, they cheered and asked what I was going to do the next day. It was fun for me and fun for them and I was really really motivated. So motivated in fact, that I’m going to do it again this next month.

Here is the lazyman check-off sheet that gave me so much success:

Lazyman Ironman (1)

Feel free to use it too. In December, in addition to the exercise goals, I’m going to add writing goals. Specifically, page numbers.  I’m still debating how many pages I want to do a day, or over the course of the month, but when I do decide, I am going to make sure there is a place where my kids can make big black x’s in boxes every morning to celebrate my writing success.

I am not going to overwhelm myself but I am going to be slow and steady and consistent–something that is actually very very difficult for me. I usually write in spurts of frenzied energy. And while this has worked in the past, these days my bouts of frenzied energy are getting fewer and fewer. It’s taken me a long time to realize that I have to change my process because my life is changing. Actually it has changed and my writing life has not changed accordingly.

So that’s my December goal. To make goals. To make attainable goals. To write them down on a check-off sheet. To share them with my family and with you. To change the things I have power to change. And finally, to reward myself at the end of the month if I reach my goals.

This month, after I run two more miles, my family gets to go celebrate by going swimming at the local rec center where there will be lots of pee in the pool. Although it’s going to be work, I’m excited because my kids are excited.

Next month, in December, I think I’ll celebrate by going out to eat with other writers. Anyone who wants to make goals and work to keep them–simple, real, attainable goals–is welcome to join me. We’ll sit around and eat pie and ring in the new year together.

love and candy.



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3 responses to “The results are almost in

  1. Good job on the lazyman ironman. That’s the only way I could do it. My sister is like Mette. She does it in a day. I’m a little behind on NaNo. I have 8K words left to write. I can do it, but I wish I was done. Especially because now I hate the novel I was so excited to start. But I’m going to finish it, damnit. And then it might sit in a drawer for the rest of its life.

    I figure even bad writing is better than not writing at all. Right?

    I’m on board for the pie and dinner with writer friends. Does anyone have airline points I could use to get to Utah?

    Also, I love that your kids were so excited about your ironman. I think that could totally work for writing. You should do it.

  2. Way to go on your Ironman. That’s awesome!

  3. Great ideas—thanks for sharing the “Lazyman” Ironman check sheet. I fully intend to make myself one for writing, and will try not to OVER plan, which leads to horrendous feelings about my “lazy” self when I don’t “make it” — and I DON’T!


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