Kyra Here!

Have you ever re-read something you wrote and thought, “I am so embarrassed.”

Have you ever looked at something someone else wrote and thought, “THAT’S published?”

Have you ever gone to bed thinking, “Someday, someone will love what I wrote, and that’s all that matter.”

Yeah, me neither. :p

I thought I was killin’ it for Nano this month . . . apparently not.
I’m actually scared to re-read what I’ve written. Writing for a month straight with no re-writes is kind of horrifying if you ask me. haha

Has anyone reached their goals?
Is anyone falling asleep at their desk while they attempt to write more than planned on the last two days of the month of November?

Instead of writing, the past week I’ve been ordering numerous items from Amazon and
I’m not sure why, but I felt the need to purchase a pleather skirt and bright pink dress. Maybe it was the free shipping? Who knows.

The holidays are just around the corner. Are you going to let that stop you from writing? Or are you going to stick with your goals every day and finish that page and a half a day you promised yourself you’d write. {Or whatever}
Even if Santa is tempting you with free shipping and 30% off sales.

Speaking of sales.
If anyone is in need of socks, you know where to buy them! {My store} We have some killer deals. Perfect socks for lounging and writing.

Does Pandora ever overplay a certain track while you’re trying to write? For some reason mine keeps playing this stupid song {not the one posted above} and now it won’t get out of my head.
Yeah. It sucks.

Well, everyone keep up the good work.
One of us is bound to win some sort of fancy award sooner or later. Right?

. . . . . . :p

PS EVERYONE–this is Kyra’s mother. Isn’t she cute?????
John Cusick is running a webinar this Saturday.
For those of you who don’t know John–well, he is great. He signed Courtney Lowe (our beloved used-to-be Utah resident) at WIFYR and actually has found other talent there.
I quite like him. He’s smart and book-savvy and A WRITER!
Here’s the link. Sign up and learn from the expert. If you ask me, this is a great way to end a year.

Amazing First Lines Class


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