Three Thing Thursday

1. TWO MORE DAYS! Are you going to make it? Is anyone done (besides Ilima who finished two weeks ago). How did it go? How do you feel? Anyone want to guest post and tell us about your nanowrimo experience? Maybe motivate (or discourage) those of us who didn’t have it in us this year?

2. I’m revisiting short stories. Yesterday I read a few by TC Boyle and Virginia Woolf. I also read the Rocking Horse Winner which I don’t seem to be getting away from. Do you have any favorite short story writers? I’m thinking of starting an online short story club. Short stories are HARD to write and offer a crash course in character, plotting, word choice, rhythm, etc. We could read one a month and dissect the thing. I’d love any recommendations. I’m planning to go to Barnes and Noble and read the latest O Henry collection to try to get myself back up to speed but any help would be much appreciated.

3. We are also planning a Christmas writing advent beginning on December 1st so check in on Saturday while you are stringing up your lights and singing Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer (which is a horrible horrible song). 



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3 responses to “Three Thing Thursday

  1. After today I will have a thousand words left to write. It has been hard this year, but I muscled through. My novel is mostly vomit though.

  2. Emily is toads almost there. You can do it! And it’s not vomit…i KNOW this.

    Ann Dee, I LOVE writing short stories. I wish I knew what could be done with them, though, in terms of sharing or publishing. Maybe you can enlighten us in addition to the dissections which sound supah cool.

  3. 1. This is the first time I’ve tried NaNo and I’m getting so close I can taste it. Tomorrow will be a huge victory for me! I’d totally do a guest post about it–an encouraging one (although, perhaps somewhat discouraging for those with day jobs) about how it really is possible 🙂
    2. The last time I wrote a short story was in your class. I am not good at writing short stories, but I would LOVE to learn how to.
    3. I’m getting so excited for Christmas AND for December in general because I’m so pumped from this november novel that I’m definitely going to finish my first (much more brilliant) novel once and for all.


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