Oh My Gosh, Look What I Found!

Our 2012 Goals!

I accidentally found these saved goals, so I thought since we have one whole month left of the year, that I would post them so we could try and get our goals done before 2013!
Hahahah! What a great way to end NaNoWriMo. With more guilt. 🙂
So here goes!

Read 50 books
2) Query 2 books
3) Draft 1 book
4) Read/study writing craft books 1 hr. a week.

1. prepare (read: revise) 2 books to query.
2. query said books.
2. blog about my writing journey at least once a week.
Draft one new book.

Carol LW
1. Read fifty terrific novels.
2. Finish NaNo book.
3. Rewrite the DD and Fine.
and here’s one more–4. write a rough draft of at least one more novel (either killer book, or scary book–or maybe that one funny book).

Lauren Call
2012: The Year of Awesomeness
1. Finish the series I’m working on. Then revise it forty times.
2. Get a freaking agent.
3. Start the new historical/dystopian (Really, the genre exists because I made it up)  I’ve 
    been thinking of for over a year.
Read The Black Heart by Holly Black at least three times.

Elizabeth Dimit
1- Finish, revise, and submit current WIP.
2- Start a sequel (or new novel), ready in time for NaNoWriMo.
3- Read 50 books/year.
4- Apply The Breakout Novel techniques in my writing.
5- Save enough money to attend WIFYR again this year!

Ann Dee
1.Write every day.
2. Finish my two WIPs.
3. Write every day.
4. Get to a beach.
5. Write every day.
Write a funny book.

1. To get up at 6:15 a.m. and write every day except Sunday, even if for only 15 minutes, but hopefully for 2 hours. Of course I’ll also have to get to bed by 10:00 p.m. Ouch.
2. To finish revising that one novel by the end of January (I started it in 1994, just FYI).
3. To add another 100 pages to that other “adult” novel by March, when Steve the Agent is coming into town for a retreat and if I don’t give him a manuscript soon I may not have an agent in 2013.
4. To read two novels, ones I’ve not read before, each month. I’m starting with Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce novels for January. Ann tells me the first one is only so-so, but I’ve already bought
the first three—so I’m committed. By the way, Alan wrote his first novel ever when he was 70 or 72. Is that inspiring? Yes, it is.
5. To read To Kill a Mockingbird again because Harper Lee is my inspiration.
6. To reduce my teaching load by fall semester. Wallace Stegner said the one sure way to become an ex-writer is to become a teacher. I love teaching, but he’s right—and I’m 52 years old,
people. Time’s a wasting.
7. To be courageous. I let every obligation, every temptation, every anxiety, every dirty dish or linty carpet stand between me and writing. I will try to ignore the apocalypse I imagine will
come about if I put what is important to me, writing, first—or at least second—in 2012.

Chris Crowe
1. Earn promotion from Throwing Up Words, Inc.
2. Write a blasted blog every blasted week.
3. Finish a new novel by June 1.
4. Write, even a little, every weekday.
5. Rid the world of cats.

1. Write every morning before my kids wake up.
2. Get through the blasted middle of my WIP and finish a draft.
3. Take my draft to WIFYR; then make lots of revisions.
4. Read one novel a week.
5. Enjoy it all–even the tough parts.

There! What do you think of that? I have to read 48 books in one months. Can I count my students’ books? My critique partners’ novels?
Get going Girlies!




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3 responses to “Oh My Gosh, Look What I Found!

  1. Oh my gosh is right. I totally forgot about these. Let’s see. I’ve got 5 books left to hit my 50. I think I can do it. Queried 2 books-yes. And the second landed me an agent. Woot! Draft 1 book-yep. I ended up drafting 2 thanks to Nano. And read/study craft book 1 hr/week. Um, um, um. I read several craft books, period. Not sure what that works out to per week, though. Not bad, all in all.

  2. Hmmm, I need to look back at my goals for this year. I know one I failed at-reading a craft book a month:( But, I did polish an MS, find and agent, make it to WIFYR, and beat NaNo, so 2012 still goes down as one of my best writing years ever.

  3. I did not do that great. I did get one book ready to query, but then I chickened out. I have written on my blog, but not once a week. I did draft a new book, though. Yay me! I got one of them. That’s pretty good, right?


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