It’s Over. Sort Of.

So after I fail at NaNoWriMo, I always feel as though I need to beat my failure with a stick. πŸ™‚
So I may talk about why I failed (I didn’t write enough) (I left life get in the way) (the heat didn’t work for forever) and etc.

I’m also going to post a few essays of people I know who accomplished their goals.
(Those of you who DID get your 50,000 words done, will you please send me or Ann Dee how you did it? Like, if you were going to make a list of five things that helped you be successful, what were those things?
We’ll post your writing and you will probably end up as famous as Ann Dee, Kyra and I are.)

First though, you must see the thing that made me happiest of ANYthing all year long. And I mean anything. Before I sorta didn’t love this actor, now, I don’t know, he’s changed before my very eyes.
Kyra sent this to me, so I owe her all my happiness. (Even though she and Laura ARE MOVING OUT. 😦 😦 ;( )

Hehehehehe! Hehehe! Ahahahah!
Love that!

Now, something from a NaNo finisher, Ms. Ghia Cooley.

Nano; ghia cooley style November 30, 2012, 10pm

I had no idea what Nano meant. (In fact, I didn’t know for sure until just now when I looked it up.) All I got was something about writing a novel in one month. In what month I wasn’t sure, but it didn’t matter because it wasn’t for me!

THEN . . . Carol e-mailed that we should do Nano and make up our own goals.

Hum . . . maybe.

I started thinking about what my goal could be. I like to write long hand (if I don’t, I spend all my time trying to get rid of the red squiggly lines that tell me I’ve spelled something wrong) so word count was out. In the end, I decided on 20 hours a week; basically a part time job.

I am ecstatic to say I made my goal! (Okay, I still have one hour to do right after I’m done writing this.) Two things made it possible. One, the timing was perfect; any other month in the last year and I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Two, I have a fabulous husband who totally supports me.

Now, I actually have a rough-rough draft almost done! (Scares me to think what some of the rest of you could have done with 20 hours a week. But this is time for me to be happy with me, right?)

So what’s next?

Well hell, I can do anything now!


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2 responses to “It’s Over. Sort Of.

  1. Cheryl Christensen

    Way to go Ghia! I hope this is your wonderful manuscript we workshopped with Carol – it was awesome. Well done!

  2. You want to know how I accomplished NANO? I fed my children cookies and popcorn for dinner and let them watch TV for three hours a day. They thought it amazing!


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