Christmas Advent #10

First things first, I’m going back to first person plural (FPP) because there were so many questions about it (okay–two. But that’s a lot these days). FPP. It’s not easy. it’s not popular. But it can be very effective. Here’s an article about it (which, btw, mentions THE VIRGIN SUICIDES which I also mentioned in the earlier advent posting and while I know it’s not the cheeriest subject, TVS is an excellent example of the use of this type of POV.  I would recommend it–purely from a craft perspective. Don’t be mad and don’t read it if it’s not your thing). And here’s another short story example. Read through both carefully–especially the story. Like A Rose for Emily I want you to think about how the story would change if the POV was different. Why did Gorky choose this POV? Why does it work? Or maybe you don’t think it works but what is the purpose of the POV? Then think of what kind of stories would lend themselves to this type of story telling. What is the subject? Where is the emotional core? Where/How are we supposed to attach ourselves to the characters, the action?

THEN I want you to write five different scenarios where this type of POV would be appropriate. Think about the group of people telling the story and think about the people or person the story would be about.

Then, if you feel inclined, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the story I posted. Let’s talk about the article. Let’s talk about your ideas for stories that could take this type of POV.


Also, do you want more focus on POV? I can post more activities/exercises with POV as the focus. I can also sit around and drink chocolate milk. Or I could keep going in the random order I had planned. It’s up to you.


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One response to “Christmas Advent #10

  1. Thank you for coming back to 1st person plural. I’ve read the article and short story and feel like I have a better understanding of it. I will tackle using it in the morning (now it’s time to wrap presents:) )

    I say stick to your randomness-it lets me stew over the POV while I do the other activities.


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