From Kyra

I didn’t post last week. Because I was stuck doing a huge inventory count for my store. Which I am still in the process of doing. But today I am actually caught up so I have an extra few minutes to chill.

Is everyone all set in holiday mode?
I’m not.
I don’t even play that jolly good music that Santa loves. I probably should. . . .oh well.

I am reading a book called On the Road. Has anyone read it? So far it’s a little dullsville. I am crossing my fingers. And if it doesn’t work out I’ll probably read Naked Lunch.
Has anyone read THAT?

My hair has a huge tangle in the back. I brushed it twice this morning. . . but so far no luck.

I am having a hard time thinking of something to write about. Actually, I haven’t written in days.
Not since I moved out.

Oh yea, I moved out. I have the best roommates ever and the cutest apartment ever. I should start a book club over there. wasn’t that my plan before?

Oh well.

EVERYONE should watch American Horror Story. it’s inSANE. And messed up.

This post sucks.



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2 responses to “From Kyra

  1. So glad you have the best roommates and the cutest apartment ever. Don’t worry too much about getting in the Christmas spirit. Some years, it just doesn’t happen.

    And I have read On The Road. Hang in there. It’s a classic.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Kyra.

  2. Rebecca Birkin

    Christmas is something different every year. My mom used to always spoil us with lots of gifts. Most the time we got lots of practical things, like the good crackers we didn’t usually buy, and new winter coats. Since I “moved out,” it’s felt different. I can’t quite make magic like she did, but sometimes the spark is in the little things, like an extra five minutes talking to someone who needs it, instead of the Hallmark movie scenes I wish for.

    My redhead daughter has hair that tangles horribly easily. She has to get it wet, put conditioner in it, and work it out slowly, piece by piece. Once I took her to Supercuts and made the stylist get gum out of her hair. The lady was not happy with me.

    Enjoy your cute apartment. You definitely have to start a book club.


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