Last Christmas Advent Day Until Next Year Which is Just Around the Corner, Don’tCha Know

1. Have your character write a letter to Santa
2. Write your best Christmas memory. How will this influence your character’s Christmas Story?
3. I once heard Santa on the roof. I did. I heard the sleigh bells and I was with my sister and we were at Nana’s house in bed and I heard Santa on the roof. My cousin Jim and Joe got Rock’em Sock’em Robots (which are not that fun) the next morning. I can’t remember what I received. But that is when I really believed in Santa. From them on. Till I was 9. And I did not teach my kids about Santa myself because I felt it was a huge lie once I found out the truth. But, I still believe in Santa. And also that beautiful Spirit of Christmas.
4. Have your character meet someone they think is Santa. What happens?
5. Have your characters meet around the table for a last meal. Their last meal together for whatever reason. You decide. talka bout the food and the conversation and the secret thoughts of your main character.

What about YOU?
6. What would be the opening line of your memoir?
7. If you left a letter to your family, what would it say?
8. If you wrote a letter to God, what would that say?
9. What is your sweetest holiday memory?
10. My best auntie gave me a real doll house that had a door bell and electric lights. I loved it. Plus once I received all things Barbie, including a toaster with two pieces of plastic toast. The toaster actually ‘worked.’

Here is a thank you my blog partners.
Ann Dee, thank you for writing every one of the Advent Posts. You are the nicest blog partner a girl could have. And an amazing friend. I love you and your boys. You are one of the best mid grade/ YA authors around.
Kyra, I am so proud of you and the work you have done. I believe you will far surpass me in your writing–in sales and amazingness that happens for you.
To all of our Readers–thank you for sticking around. You all are why Ann Dee, Kyra and I even try to write this blog. We love you and wish you the very best successes ever–in life first, in love and in writing.

Merry Christmas!


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2 responses to “Last Christmas Advent Day Until Next Year Which is Just Around the Corner, Don’tCha Know

  1. Cheryl Christensen

    What a beautiful tribute Carol. Thank you all for this amazing blog. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without giving you the compliments you deserve! Thank you for all your hard work, time and talents you give to all of us out here. Thank you for your humor and friendship. Here’s to you! Sending best wishes to you and the girls for a wonderful new year full of adventure, love, large advances and infallible central air!


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