And the Last Day Goes Like This

Last night I decided I would get up super early this morning and clean the whole house for the New Year. But then, I couldn’t get to sleep. About 2 am I got up and took a sleeping pill that sent me to sleep till 4 when the dog had to go to the potty. Back to bed until 7:30 when SOMEONE CALLED ME! What is it with these working types?
I stumbled out of bed and guess what? Cleaned every room, just about, except my office. I’ve even done laundry and helped my mom bathe.
There are still a few hours till I ring in the New Year with my pup, my youngest daughter and my super-de-dooper old mom. Maybe I can get part of this office done.

So this last year, cool things, right? Good things.
I sold a few books, got to teach an amazing class and had real support from my friends here on this blog.

And then there were some terrible things:
The shootings, far too many. Far too sad. Things I hope I never forget. And never see again.

Then there was some middle of the road things I didn’t really love.
Some pretty darned crappy news socially and financially, I lost an editor, entered into a lawsuit, picked another crummy house to live in.

But, tonight, I get to start anew for MYSELF. Goals! I love them! I love making them and working toward achieving them. And if I have worked hard, I don’t even mind if I don’t complete things fully. Sometimes, for me, it’s the stretching, trying, working that makes the results worthwhile.


goal [gohl]
the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
the terminal point in a race.
a pole, line, or other marker by which such a point is indicated.

One- and two-syllable End Rhymes of goal:

armhole bankroll bedroll bowl cajole
catchpole charcoal chuckhole coal cole
condole console control creole cresol
dole enroll extol eyehole fishbowl
flagpole foal foxhole glycol goal
hellhole hole indole insole jackroll
keyhole kneehole knoll knothole loophole
manhole maypole mole mongol parole
patrol payroll peephole phenol pinhole
pistole pole poll porthole pothole
resole ridgepole role roll scroll
shoal sinkhole sole soul steamroll
stole stroll tadpole thumbhole toll
troll unroll washbowl whole wormhole

Last year I made goals.

1. Read fifty terrific novels. NOPE, didn’t do it. I DID read, but not fifty books.
2. Finish NaNo book. NOPE, didn’t do this, either. But I think I figured out what was wrong with it. That’s good.
3. Rewrite the DD and Fine. Yup, did both of these things. Took way longer than I thought!
and here’s one more–4. write a rough draft of at least one more novel (either killer book, or scary book–or maybe that one funny book). And I did this. Half of it. The funny story. And I sold it to S&S.

So, hmmmm. Not so great. BUT, that’s okay. I wrote a non-fiction book and placed it somewhere. I am waiting to hear from an editor on a mid-grade. Cheri and I placed George and Gracie (our series) with a new publishing house. And I am co-writing a book with a friend (another non-fiction), that I am VERY happy about.

So this year? Well, here are my three goals for 2013!

1. Work on my own memoir. Write one short essay a week (I’ll allow three weeks off).
2. Write like a writer. I want to really write. REALLY use each day. Look at my work as though this is my job. Because it is. And I want to do better at it. So my goal is 1000-2500 words a day.
3. Read ten books for big people. I want to revisit some of my faves, like EAST OF EDEN and HUCKLEBERRY FINN and LIGHT IN AUGUST.
and here’s one more–4. Write two more drafts of books. Either non-fiction or a middle grade or even something with Ann Dee. Yup, we may have thought of an idea.

So tonight I am going to bed at 12:10 and getting up early and STARTING. What about you?
Send in your goals and we’ll keep track of them like we did the ones you all sent in a million gajillion days ago.

We love you!



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2 responses to “And the Last Day Goes Like This

  1. Ooh. I’m so excited for your memoir. And good job on your goals. You’ve accomplished a lot this year! Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  2. wow what a year. carol you are amazing and i admire you so much!
    and thank you for encouraging the goals. your post helps me remember to how important they are.

    my 2013 goals:
    1. write one chapter/section a week.
    2. write one blog group post a week, one personal post a week, and one family post a week.
    3. exercise by following the 1/2 marathon training schedule.
    4. run in a half marathon. (am i crazy? yes! but i signed up for it, so now i’m committed. june 1st. scary.)
    5. read 12 books . . . one per month.
    6. read God’s word every day.

    whew. i’m late in starting but excited for all of it.


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