Your Check in Point for Goals

So Ann Dee, Kyra and I have shared our New Year’s Resolutions.
And so has Andrea.
I will collect these to send back out this next year. Anyone else who is interested? Send your goals to us.

Now here are some quotes from writers about goal making.

C.S. Lewis said: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
Suzanne Collins: “Aim higher in case you fall short.”
Ernest Hemingway said this–which seems a little ironic: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Henry David Thoreau: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
And a really great one by John Bytheway: “If you’re trying to be miserable, it’s important you don’t have any goals. No school goals, personal goals, family goals. Your only objective each day should be to inhale and exhale for sixteen hours before you go to bed again. Don’t read anything informative, don’t listen to anything useful, don’t do anything productive. If you start achieving goals, you might start to feel a sense of excitement, then you might want to set another goal, and then your miserable mornings are through. To maintain your misery, the idea of crossing off your goals should never cross your mind.”

These are all from Goodreads and there are lots more. Go check them out.

Now here’s something to help you succeed, if you want to use it. If there is just one of you or all of you who might be interested, we will carry on with this. Read on.

If you want to accomplish a goal, especially a goal as solitary as writing, well, it’s nice to have someone to be accountable to. I mentor several people where I just encourage them, weekly, to reach their writing goals, whatever they may be. Big or small.
And that’s what we want to do for you here on Throwing Up Words. Let’s use Fridays to check in. To say what we have done. To show our writing numbers or talk over our fears or to share our positive results.

Ann Dee and I have a few contests for the year, we’ll review a few books by a guest blogger and we’ll have a few interviews from writers, editors and agents.
We’ll do a writing marathon or two. Or three.
And we even have a writing project/contest/what-do-we-call-this-thing? if we get it figured out.

But mostly, WE want to succeed at our writing, too. WE want to reach our goals. So Ann Dee, Kyra and I will check in on Fridays with you all.
It’s Monday, January 7, 2013.
What are your goals for the week to help you reach your big end-of-the-year goals?
Get going!
Start writing!
Check back in on Friday.
And remember what Hemingway says, it’s the journey that matters.


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3 responses to “Your Check in Point for Goals

  1. This year my goals are simple: 1) Revise my Nano book. 2) Draft a new book. That’s it. Count me in for the Friday check-ins. This week, I just want to do something/anything on my Nano revisions. I need to wet me feet since I haven’t looked at it for weeks.

  2. Andrea

    This sounds excellent!

  3. benschwensch

    Count me in too: my stated goals have been to
    write 2 blogs twice a week (so I can get a little ahead)
    mentor goal-setting for some of the people in my main critique group
    continue to meet weekly with the new critique group
    write an average of 1850 words five days a week . . .
    teach my writing class (starting Jan. 15) in Canyons School District
    That said, I am going to cut the word count to 1500 (will start in Feb.) and now, through the rest of January, read instead of writing:
    read and read and read what I’ve already written of “Boudica’s Head”
    read and read and read the research materials I have on “BH”
    If/when I finish “BH,” (hopefully by May) I’ll set the next goals—can’t plan too much until I resolve health issues


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