The Day of Accountability

Next week I will do better and get info from Ann Dee and Kyra before I post but–this was a tough week for me.

So, sadly, I haven’t done as good as I would have liked.

Monday, Cheri (my writing partner) and I spoke to a new publishing company about our early mid-grade series being pubbed.
We learned he needed rewrites on two novels by Saturday. I started getting The Headache. (I complain of these things regularly.)
Tuesday was the beginning of two classes for me at BYU. Both are creative writing and I am excited to have these amazing students write novels and publish those novels and dedicate those novels to . . . me! Hahaha! That’s what I always say to them, but I only halfway mean it. 🙂
Wednesday I learned bad news from Cheri and she had to take off to Kansas. She’s there now.
Thursday I taught my classes and subbed an evening class for Cheri. I met with several students in between classes. I took more Excedrin.
And here it is, Friday, The Day of Accountability.

I’m not sure if I wrote anything at all except Monday morning where I put in almost 1000 words. And then Tuesday where I did a bit of rewriting (about 20 pages).
All week I worked with several of the assistants for the WIFYR conference. Thank goodness I have Becca Birkin on my team.
TODAY, I will finish the rewrite of the book I have to send into the publisher tomorrow.
I will set up another schedule for my week to rearrange and maybe make time work differently for me.
I will get rid of the headache once and for all.
I will fill out paperwork for the publisher that should have been done some time back.

Here is what I will not do.
House cleaning.
I can’t.
Something has to give. And I want a life as a real writer. That’s one of my goals.
So I will have my beautiful and amazing daughters help me there.
If you want to write, and if you have a family, they must be supportive. I have been lucky. All my life I have had support as a writer. It’s been giving myself permission to really write that has been hard.

What about the rest of you?
Please let us know how you have done.
Be as detailed as you want. But let’s support each other to publication.



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7 responses to “The Day of Accountability

  1. There is definitely not enough hours in the day. My year has begun as crazy as yours.

    Sunday—MFA reading of an excerpt of my first novel written in grad school last semester.

    Due Monday—article on elaborate storyboarding (know anyone I can interview on this?) Status: Not started yet.

    Due Tuesday—50 pages (approx 15k words) of my new YA novel that I’m writing for my last semester of grad school Status: 4k written so far. YIKES

    Wed.—first class of my Boston campus class, which is a two hour drive from my house (usually take classes at a satellite campus only 25 min from home) Status: Carpooling with a classmate to make it a little less stressful

    In addition, I am also taking another class (3 total) that starts in Feb and have a huge reading list before my first class.

    I’m also working as a writing coach, writing workshop instructor, freelance writer (other articles need to be pitched and written) and I am in the midst of critiquing a client’s full length novel manuscript.

    I am cutting out housecleaning and will be saying NO to invites not directly related to work/school. I have added exercising in the mornings because my Dr. said it will make me more productive and lessen stress, AND I have cut out pizza, pasta and bread from my diet.

    I feel insane right now and overwhelmed. But I wrote my own blog post about this very topic, comparing all this work to the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo painted it in just four years. He had to start with just one brushstroke, correct?

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Cheryl

    The common theme here: housecleaning is the true enemy of the writing life!

  3. I have written a little on a side project, but nothing of the actual novel that I’m trying to write. But today, I will. Carol, you are an inspiration.

  4. you accomplished a lot this week, carol! and thank you for the accountability. this will help me for sure. 😀 i posted my goals on one blog. am working on a family post today. and worked on a picture book manuscript with my sister. my running training starts next week and i’m excited and scared. also need to write one chapter for my novel today. looks like i won’t be doing any cleaning either.

  5. All I wanted was to do SOMETHING on my Nano. And all I got done was a logline that I’m not even happy with. And made a list of things to fix in it. So I guess that’s “something”. BUT, I went to visit Emily P. in California last minute on a whim and had the best girls weekend ever, so I don’t feel too bad. 🙂

  6. Andrea

    I didn’t do much actual writing–at least not on either of my novels–but I did a lot of work on a time-crunched freelance project and made some headway with that. I also worked on character development and had my writing group critique 20 pages from my NaNo novel, so I didn’t neglect my novels completely:). I want to do better this week, though.

    Thanks for helping me be accountable!


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