I have aspirations

to write a proper blog post today. I usually do it the night before  when I have time to lay in bed and think, but unfortunately, things got a little crazy last night. . Now the boys are clamoring and I need a shower and I have dr. appointment and and and . . . This is disappointing because  I had so many things I wanted to discuss. I will now list them below. If anyone has a burning desire to hear about any of these topics, let me know and I will lock myself in the closet or pantry or bathroom write my face off.

1. Tom Cruise’s underwear: A Study

2. The meaning of life: How writers are on the right track

3. Muffin tops: Why they aren’t always bad.

4. Tender Moments: How my children are already planning for my future

5. My underwear: A Study

6. Marriage Relationships: Isn’t it about time?

7. Ear Wax: Why I Can’t Stop.

8. Imagery: How to get better at it

9. Must Love Dogs: The Bachelor that I’m not watching but I saw that he asid this and I would not qualify but that would be the only reason why he wouldn’t pick me. The ONLY reason. But I don’t want him to pick me anyway. See Marriage: Isn’t it about time?

10. Breakfast: How to make killer steel cut oats.

That’s all I had for this week. I’m sorry that I didn’t get it done last night but like i said, if any of these are things you’ve been pondering and worrying and meditating over, please leave a comment and I’ll make the time. I’m serious.

love and candy.



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4 responses to “I have aspirations

  1. While I really want to know why muffin tops aren’t really that bad. I suppose a lesson on imagery would be better for my writing. So, I vote better imagery. And, if you have time. Help me to justify my muffin top.

  2. CLW

    Am I divorced because I thought your #6 said: Marriage Relationships: Isn’t it about me?
    I want to know about the oats because I just bought some. AND a new blender.
    Plus I am always all about undies–yours or TC.
    Plus plus #2. How are we on the right track?

  3. Hey—and I bought some of those steel cut oats a LONG time ago. I STILL don’t know what the @#$%! to do with them!

  4. Cheryl Christensen

    Don’t steel cut oats and muffin tops go together for breakfast?


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