From Ms. Kyra

I forgot to post yesterday. 
I’ve actually been way busy at work lately. Weird right? Socks aren’t busy. 
But they are I guess.
My feet are always cold. I think I may have to buy some ridiculous “Gone Fishing” wool socks. 
I have bronchitis. And high blood pressure. 
My predictions of dying this year may be coming true. . . .
How many of you have read The Book Thief? 
I’m reading it again right now.
What a fantastic book. 
I’m never not cold anymore. Does anyone in California or Florida want to let me come out and stay with them for a few weeks?
We could have a big writing marathon. 
It’s like below zero here on the regular.
Maybe I could write a book about cold weather.
That sounds just as miserable as being in cold weather. 
Has anyone read the new Martine Leavitt book My Book of Life by Angel? 
I need that. 
How is everyone doing with their goals so far?
I’m doing horribly. 
But I still have eleven months to make up for it!
Everyone needs to go watch Django Unchained. Right now! 


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2 responses to “From Ms. Kyra

  1. I live in Northern California, it’s cold, but not like Utah. And Of course you can come spend a few weeks at my house. I will trade for some wool ‘Gone Fishing,’ socks.

  2. we are wishing we still lived in CA now. this cold UT weather is making my feet freeze every day too. boo.


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