Blast from My Past

So this weekend a couple of things popped into my head.
One was, ‘What would happen if you added an odd word to a book title?’

The Secret Garden = The Secret Sex Garden or Sex in the Secret Garden
Glimpse = Sex Glimpse or Glimpse Sex
This is What I Did: = This is What I Did: Sex or This Sex is What I Did:

Feel free to share your own titles. We all need a good laugh today (though I did hear the evil old man [no sex included] has been served papers. Thank goodness. Not laughing about this, but happier than I was.).
Try these words:

The best thing you will have ever learned on this site is from Ann Dee Candy who says, Have fun.
This year we will do it.
We will Play with Our Words.

So I have a new habit. YouTube videos. Yes, I am behind the times and I know it and I am happily behind. This gives me something to do now as I try to catch up.
Anyway, I love the How to Use Your Food Storage Videos and if I ever get a house, I am going to start doing some of the stuff I’ve seen there (you may imagine what I mean).

Another thing YouTube is good for? Well, I remembered two songs I haven’t heard since I was a kid and went looking for them on YouTube and FOUND them.
I believe I may have been smoking dope while I listened to these.
Or maybe not.

Here’s the first one. But before I show it to you, LISTEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Yes! To the whole song. Both of them, please. Even if you hate them (Cait hated them).
Imagine me, skinny, unbrushed hair, thinking I might one day be a scientist when I looked up at the Florida night sky, singing these songs while I helped Mom paint our little apartment that was too small for my mom, my baby sister and me.
(Outside, hummingbirds flew faster than trains and I didn’t know what they were–huge bees maybe–that I couldn’t hit with a tennis racket [I wanted to be a star scientist–not an animal scientist]).

‘Cause we’re all far too groovy.

Once Aunt Linda (my bestest auntie–I miss her), Kelly and I were driving along listening to the radio when the next song came on.
Aunt Linda started to pull over ’cause she thought there was a copper coming up on us.
Kelly and I laughed. The memory still makes me smile.

Look into the past. There are stories there.

Sometimes you are with your cuz (who is still your besty friend, thank goodness), driving along a little Florida road. The trees hug close. The wind blows in on you, not making a difference at all in that Southern heat.
Sometimes you are outside and it’s late night and you are alone–arms wide. It’s winter and the stars have dipped close, close enough to make you want to grab one and make a ring of it.
Sometimes you’ve been painting with your sister, listening to music, and you’ve gotten into a paint fight and you are laughing, laughing, and when she throws back her head, mouth wide-open, you are waiting for her to bring that smiling face down–the paint brush just right for her wide-open mouth.

Use it all. You’ll never use it up.



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8 responses to “Blast from My Past

  1. These Stink Empty Spaces.
    Remake Sex.
    This is What I Did is a fun one to play with, lol.

  2. Kyra

    That was hilarious

  3. You just took me back to Florida. I miss those dirt roads, covered by a canopy of live oak trees. Let’s go back there, Carol. Just to visit. Let’s sink, ankle-deep in the slopes of the sand dunes. Let’s catch fireflies and listen to the lullabies of chirping crickets.


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