Three Things Thursday–This Really Happened

Geezo Peezo–

So I went out to get in my car this morning to go to school. Gotta get to class, I thought. Because I have a lot of great students, that’s why.

As soon as I started down the driveway, the car was sliding. Even with the emergency brake. And me in first gear.
At the bottom of the driveway is a VERY busy road and a ditch.
Being a Southerner, I turned into a snowbank.
Then, being a dedicated teacher (and a Southerner), I tried to get to school again. The car turned 180 degrees, pointing me back home.
Being superstitious, I took that as an omen that I should go home. I had to hike–in the snow because the driveway was so icy–back up to the house. I felt like a pioneer with really good shoes.
Now my lungs hurt.
This is very sad.

#1–Using sense of place, rewrite my absolutely true story above, making the reader feel like she is making that hike (and having an almost near-death experience). Don’t forget all the senses. And please make me pretty and thirty pounds lighter than I am in true life.

Last night, I was sound asleep when I heard this strange noise.
What in the heck? I thought. I wasn’t skeered at first.
I threw back the covers, and went searching for the sound, that was still going on.
Into the first bathroom. Nothing. The second. Yes. There it was. THE SHOWER WAS RUNNING.
RUNNING, everyone. I’m not kidding.
I pushed the knob to see if it was pulled on and it wasn’t. WEIRD.

#2– Using emotion, rewrite my absolutely true story above, making the reader wonder if there is a ghost in my house. Use a little sense of place. And please make my hair beautiful, flowing tresses of blonde something something.

Ann Dee and I are of thinking of MAYBE starting a new blog–to go with this one, of course–that will follow a novel being written–from start to finish. It will include writing exercises, suggestions for your own work and will show what we are doing to come up with an idea, write it and maybe even sell it.

#3–Would you read that blog? Why or why not? Please make Ann Dee pregnant with twins when you answer this. One must be a beautiful little boy. The other a little girl that she will name Carol Jewel Caitlynne Kyra.

See you tomorrow for check in day.
Be careful out there.



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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday–This Really Happened

  1. Yep. This was pretty much me this morning. My car is now trapped in the snow against the fence halfway down my driveway. Crazy.

  2. Just say no to snow! I love Utah, but HATE the snow. I can’t do it. I’d much rather have a gator in my backyard than a icy driveway.
    I think the new blog would be super helpful.
    And you have a ghost in your house. At least it is a clean one, who is concerned with personal hygiene. I’ll be there soon to exercise the demons!


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