The Day of Accountability

So I forgot to post last Friday. How is that for being accountable?
You said it! Crummy!

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Did I do my best as a writer?
2. Did I write any hard scenes?
3. Did I spend time thinking about my book?
And the biggest question of them all–
4. How do I feel about what I did?

I will answer #4.
I feel okay about my writing this week. I got some words down on this newest novel (maybe 3000–maybe a little less) and I am pretty sure I’m getting close to a first draft, which is good. I’ve figured out some things I didn’t know were going to happen–and that’s great. And I still really love writing the book. Yippee ti yi yo! Usually I spend some time hating a book and thinking, “Why why WHY?????” But not this one.

Spent some time rewriting a chapter of a book I am working on with another person. Needs another big rewrite before I send it off to my partner.

Received notes for The Haven. Haven’t had a chance to look at them, but I will in a few minutes. This is scary to me. This was a hard book to write and I know my editor has been scratching her head over it. She told me so. Gulp.

And I read 30 papers, some very long, for my amazing students.

I’m still trying to get my feet under me. I’m not used to this many students and I have many more writing projects all at once than I have had in the past. Both of these situations are good, but I feel as though I’m stumbling about a bit. How do I juggle all these projects and papers and etc? I’m not sure.

One thing I do know–I have to let myself write before I do anything else, or I lose the chance.

How are all you doing? Please report!

PS  On Monday–a terrific interview with the amazing John Cusick. So stay tuned!



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10 responses to “The Day of Accountability

  1. You haven’t looked at your Haven notes yet? Are you crazy? I can never not look at them right away. I need to update my goals.

  2. Emily Tree

    Thanks for the reminder that writing needs to come first. It’s so easy to let everything else crowd it out!

  3. Answers to your questions:
    1. No.
    2. NO ! ! !
    3. YES ! ! !
    4. Crappy.
    Modified answers to your questions:
    1. no
    2. (no)
    3. I got some things figured out—finally—checked out another writer’s work (from years ago) on “my” same historical subject. So glad I finally read a lot of her work. Her style was terrible—read like a film script, not a novel. Her research was thin and inadequite. I have STOPPED worrying about “it’s already been done!” Also went to Dene Lowe’s new workshop over last weekend: lots of new ideas about how to proceed.
    4. Proud of myself for getting the blogs caught up and ahead; for taking care of students, questions and all; for talking one student out of withdrawing; another into signing up, in spite of her coming difficulties. And they both seemed to feel good about it afterward. I seem to be a teacher first and always. Which is fine. But I DO need to follow your lead, and get SERIOUS WRITING done EARLY.

    THANKS making me accountable!

  4. I just finished WAITING. I am stunned. And now I found this blog. I am happy. And soon I will be working on edits. In the meantime, I am grateful for books like WAITING that fill me to the brim.


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