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The Day of Accountability

These keep coming, don’t they?

Why yes, yes they do.

So how has it gone for you this week? Here, well, I am starting to feel that big worry of overwhelmedness. Know what I mean? So much rides on what I do. Will I do it well?

Then, the biggest question of them all, does it matter? Does it matter if I try to write the best book I can? Should I throw in the towel?

Here’s the deal–I want to be a writer, right? Even wallowing in the discouragement of it all. And when you get that icky feeling, I think it’s okay to take a step back and analyze what you’re doing, right or wrong.

Track changes works on the non-fiction, but not on the DD. 30 students manuscripts to read. A chapter of another book to rewrite that needs far more work than I thought. Calls. Emails. New work. Revision. Books with friends. Schedules. Conference chats. Classes. A website one month overdue. Another 5 months overdue. More and more and more.

Then the house. The house.

Plus, will I find a place of my own?

Today I challenge you to first, make your accounting to yourself. How did you do? Was the week as good as you hoped?

And then take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this worth it?”

What if I never sell another book?

What if I never get the acknowledgement that I really want?

What if I don’t have the energy to run the conference, even with the amazing people who work so hard on it with me?

Would I keep doing it all?

Then, if you feel as overwhelmed as I feel right now, do something for YOU. Something that isn’t work–because writing is HARD work. Do something you love.

Good luck and I’ll see you next Friday (and the Monday and Thursday before that). Because we all know– I’ll be back.


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