Daily Archives: February 15, 2013

The Day of Accountability

How did you do? How was last week’s writing time? Did you reach your goals? Surpass them?

Yesterday I missed school because of illness. Last evening, though, I was feeling better–a little better. And I went to sit at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Reader’s booth at Life, the Universe and Everything.

It’s been a while since I have been to a writing event like that and it was lovely to see my many friend there.

So I’m going to count my time, with my rumbly tummy and cough at LTUE, a success.


I have been rereading my novel–the one that is nearly done–and loving it.

Plus, I am working on The Haven (my DD). That one still scares me!


So, not lots of new words, but lots of writing time.


How about you?

Are you having fun?

Loving the work?
Trying to get through the middles?


I think we should all go to lunch.

Want to?



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