Three Thing Thursday

  1. Tu Publishing is hosting a New Visions Award. They describe it like this: a writing award for a debut author of color for a middle grade or young adult science fiction, fantasy, or mystery novel Our friend, the lovely and talented Ms. Valynne Maetani Nagamatsu is one of the finalists. Read their interview with her here. 
  2. I met Valynne at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference, which is now open for  registration. There will be lots more about the conference, the teachers, etc. as the days go on but if you are interested, I’d advise you to register as soon as possible. It’s where I got my start along with many many others.
  3. And finally, what about this article? I mean there are emergencies, and then there are EMERGENCIES!!!! Why would your MC call 911? Would they ever call for some soda? or maybe some sour patch kids? 

Also, I can’t resist. Because everyone deserves clean water. 


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4 responses to “Three Thing Thursday

  1. CLW

    I loved the Matt Damon thing. I wish I could have been a reporter in that room (that means I would have a job as an actor). And everyone does deserve clean water.

  2. Valynne

    Thank you! I love you guys!

  3. Lucinda A Felix

    Way to go, Valynne!
    And yay for WIFYR Registration Openness!

  4. benschwensch

    Was out of town with husband all week—got some FRESH, SMOGLESS air, and it seems to have done his lungs a great deal of good. He’s been having a terrible time breathing: was stuffed up, lungs hurt, and had migraines, just to top it off. So the week was very good all around. The FREEDOM I had in staying somewhere with NO WiFi was also incredible. Of course, now, I’m scrambling to catch up, but seeing blue sky, wild burros, new people, etc., etc., etc., may be fodder for the next installment of . . . whatever. I feel ready to start again! By next week, hope to have an article rewritten and sent to Writers Digest or The Writer; read at least 100 pgs of research materials—and maybe rework the rough part of the current chapter I’m working on. Plus, keep up with my blogging, of course.


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