Run Run Running Behind

Have too much to do.

Final read-through of this novel, then work on two books with Cheri–also finals–and then the non-fiction final I’m doing with Laura. Not to mention the non-fiction with Melanie.

So I am behind.

But I have been thinking of everyone.

And I have three questions for you to answer about your own writing.

1. If your character ran a newspaper what would the name of that newspaper be?

What would three articles be about? Name them and write one of the articles.

2. If you couldn’t stop coughing, and had been coughing since October-ish (or maybe even earlier) and the doctor gave you an inhaler that didn’t seem to work and neither did the antibiotic and the herbs weren’t helping, what would you do?

3. Write several haiku, one per chapter, about your novel. Yes, I know haiku is about nature. But not today. Each haiku should be a little powerhouse. THINK!

I’d love to see a couple of those, so please post.

Now I am off. But before I go, don’t you think Jennifer Lawrence looked great falling down at the Oscars? Wish I had seen that live. Her dress was amazing and she didn’t roll down the stairs like I would have, or show her bosoms like I would have and she didn’t even tip the bodice her dress off the way I would have. She done good!




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2 responses to “Run Run Running Behind

  1. On the coughing thing, that happened to me. NOTHING worked. My doc even had me try acid reflux meds. We finally figured out the coughing was a side-effect of another one of my regular prescriptions. He switched it for something else and I’ve been cough-free since.

  2. The answer to number two, for both of you, is to move to California. I’ll even let you live at my house. Thinking about the haikus.


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