Getting Things Done

I am in for a marathon. Of course. 

I also would love to go to a reading and hear everyone’s writing. I would LOVE it. In fact, I wish I was rich so I could own a writer’s house where I hosted retreats and had readings and wore glasses and drank lots of hot chocolate.

Here are two ways to get rich: Number 1 and Number 2

If you were a criminal, which would you choose? It’s a very interesting question. 

What would your MC choose?

As for books, I have been writing consistently at least two hours a day for the past two and a half months. This is a record for me and I’m sort of amazed it’s happened now, at the tail end of my pregnancy. There are many factors that have played into that I’d like to share:

1. Deadline. I have an revision due soon. Very very soon. And I’d like to get it in even sooner than soon because I also have a baby on the way.

2. Baby on the way. At the beginning/middle of my pregnancy, I had little desire to do anything, let alone write. Somehow I recently got a new burst of energy as far as writing goes (not so much as far as cleaning and laundering goes). I have been taking advantage of the burst and also the looming baby deadline. I know from experience that once Mr. Baby #4 comes, I won’t be much good. At anything. For a long long time. It’s kind of nice to know there is a great surprise coming up and I’ll be able to take a break for a bit. 

3. Support from friends. It’s always better to have outside encouragement and cheerleaders. Like I’ve said over and over again, writing can be lonely. When I find ways to make it less lonely, I become less depressed and more productive.

4. A schedule that works. Somehow I’ve finagled my baby to sleep and my four year old to have “quiet time” daily. This mean I get to write mid-day rather than at nine at night. The difference in my stamina and productivity has been amazing. Again, this is all going to change once the baby arrives. But it’s worth it. 

5. Happiness. I like what i’m working on. I think it’s fun. And though I still have to talk myself into it somedays–bribe myself with treats and dreams of one day watching shows again with my husband–I’ve found that I really like getting into the stories that I’m writing. and that’s made all the difference.

The only thing I know for sure is things will change. My productivity will change. My mood will change. My schedule will change. My kids will change. So I am just doing the best I can with what I’ve got. I have a few weeks left and I’m going to try to keep the momentum going as long as I can.

How is your writing going? What keeps you motivated? When is the best time for you to get things done? 


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4 responses to “Getting Things Done

  1. I am an avid supporter of quiet time. 🙂 Hang in there, Ann Dee. I’m glad you’re getting so much done while you *reasonably* can. I write best with absolute silence from the kids but lotsa music…this usually means late at night while they’re asleep.

  2. I have been writing longhand a lot lately in a notebook I can keep in my purse. I spend a lot of time in my car waiting for people to get out of school, piano practice, basketball practice, play practice…

    I’ve been absolutely amazed at how much writing I can sneak in that way. Also, the benefit is that my notebook doesn’t have the distractions of the interwebz. Then I type it in later and get to revise a little as I go.

    But I am utterly impressed by your consistency. I need to be more like that.

  3. Amy

    I would love a reading!!! Hmm, I might even be able to finagle a retreat space…hmmm, things to ponder–along with the question of why am I commenting instead of writing!

  4. you are awesome! way to go on writing every day!!


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