Writing Marathon and What?

It’s coming up on that time again when we should have another writing marathon. I think our first one together was in March, long, long ago.

I haven’t talked this over with Ann Dee yet, but I have been thinking of doing something like a half NaNo. So rather than a full month, we’d work hard for two weeks.

Anyone interested?

First, I have to finish my novel that I am on now (I am getting close to done on it, but life has gotten in the way. Weird, isn’t it, that if I were a dentist, I would still go in to work, but because I am a writer I don’t work the same way?).

How about March 17- 31? From St. Patrick’s Day till the end of the month?

Are you in?

You can start a new book or complete the one you are on. You can do a rewrite or see if you can complete a rough and dirty draft in two weeks. There is no word limit. You make your own goals.

I’ll keep thinking of how to make this work for us.

We will end with a few prizes AND with a reading and lunch for those that join us in person. Sound good?

Also, guess what, I am reading The One Minute Millionaire.

Plus, this isn’t as fun, today I go to the doctor. Last time I went because of the Eternal Cough (that I still have). Now it’s something different. But because of the EC, I am looking to move. We need a place to buy. A place to settle down. Financially, I don’t have a lot of money (Yet. See title of book I am reading) but the girls and I have moved far too much. And I think this house we’re in has contributed to my illness. Certainly to my stress. The gas bill has been over 300 $ one month, 200 this month. And electricity is just as bad. Yes! For a one story home.

Do you know a place that someone might be selling? Or a place that someone wants to rent long term? Let me know. 🙂

Exercise: What if you wrote a book about a girl who’s dad is always trying to make the family rich, but falls short all of the time. So they have to move constantly. And he’s reading The One Minute Millionaire. Then Mom ends up sick. What would be the first paragraph of that novel? Remember, Richard Peck says we are no better than our first line, so make it a doozy. In fact, make all the lines of that paragraph amazing.

Feel free to share.



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11 responses to “Writing Marathon and What?

  1. I’m in for that marathon. I wish you the best in your home search and getting rid of that EC. Ugh.

  2. Amy

    In for a marathon!!! Like–super in :p)
    As for a place to move– hmm, no places that I know of for the recommending. I do hope you are able to find THE place, soon.

  3. Yes! I need to do this marathon.

    Sorry ’bout your rotten cough. There are some nice homes down here in Cedar City for sale. 🙂

  4. benschwensch

    My friend, Maureen (former student in my writing class, and now a member of my regular critique group), and Herb, and I are doing a SUPER Marathon, I guess. It’s based on LL Muir’s LTUE workshop about writing a book in 3 DAYS—60K words! 20K / day! All the planning comes in first, then we don’t talk, don’t use phone, internet, blah, blah, blah for the 3 days. No housework. No chit-chat. Etc. Since we’re starting on March 18, count me (us?) in. (If I miss our mark for 3 days, I can just keep going and say I made the half-NaNo instead!) 😀

    Meanwhile, Carol: I moved in about 2 1/2 years ago where the old Valley Vu Drive-in Theater used to be in West Valley (yes, I KNOW how far that is from Provo). 3 units in every 4-unit building are one floor onlly (no basement), 1 unit has an upstairs bedroom/loft/study or whatever. We have 5 individual units for sale here right now. Don’t know what they’re asking, but the one facing our little, private “park” is touted as being the largest unit in the complex of 20 4-unit buildings. It’s all very private, and quiet, as it’s supposed to be a 50’s-Plus community, even though it’s right off 48th West and 35th South in West Valley. I LOVE it here. The people are VERY nice (though some are even older than I am) and everybody watches out for everyone else. I DON’T know if it’s something you can afford, but these sellers might be VERY motivated to sell. I’d love to have you come up and see my place, and look at the biggest one that’s available, if you need to house—how many?—daughters, too. Call me. You MUST have my contact info from my years and years with WIFYR!

  5. Andrea

    I’m in for that half-marathon. I need a kick in the pants!

    A few years ago I lived in a tiny rental home while we were looking for a place to live, and I ended up with an EC too. I was pregnant, and I was coughing ALL the time–for months and months. Finally a doctor diagnosed me with whooping cough and said I had a touch of asthma with it. I got an albuterol inhaler, and my cough finally went away. I swear that rental home had something to do with my cough too though. My whole family was sick for almost the entire winter–one thing after another. As soon as we moved, everyone got better.

    I hope you can figure out your cough and also that you can find a new and better home! I live in Wyoming, though, so I’m not much help unless you want to move up to the middle of nowhere:).

  6. i will see if there is anything in my area. we love it here in orem. hope you feel better soon! i want to do the marathon . . . i don’t know what i can commit to this month but i want to try.

  7. sueburton

    OK, I’m in. I first heard about it on Friday (15 March) and only had a chance to read about it today, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m working on making some goals and have WAY too many, but I’ll try to figure it all out . . .

    Wondering how many weeks or months in a row I can keep putting off the housework. THAT’S a marathon that is easy to get into.


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