Day One, continued

Last post of the evening.

How did today go? I hope it was a terrific day for all of you.

I did pretty well and hope to arise early tomorrow (before I go to school) and write an hour or two.


Tonight I want to end on two things. First is this short video and little article that will touch your heart. It’s about a marathon runner.

Next is this hint to help you with your writing. Try it tonight and see how it works for you.

Sleep on the problems of your novel. Go to bed a little early. Lie there thinking about your book. Then, go to sleep. Your brain can untie knots with both hands behind its back and you may just wake up with solutions.

See you tomorrow!


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5 responses to “Day One, continued

  1. Bruce Luck

    Got my critique done but fell asleep working on my revision. What does that tell you about it?

  2. sueburton

    I need a good night’s sleep. When I’m tired I get very discouraged. I got some good work done, but Life invaded . . . nothing serious, just life stuff, but still . . . Can’t it go away and leave me alone? Like, I am so sick of needing to eat–little things like that.

  3. OH. I love this advice to let my unconscious untie all the knots! I had a productive writing day yesterday and am now to a scene that I’m both excited and terrified to write. So could everyone send me some good writing vibes today!


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