Right now I am waiting for my editor to get back to me on a revision so . . . my goals for this marathon are to

a. go to the novel that I can’t finish but want to finish but never finish but please please please let me figure out how to finish and I want to finish it. But that’s too ambitious. I want to at least write past my problem. I am at a loss for what to do because the novel is a mystery and i am SO BAAAAAD at mysteries. But I really love the characters and I love the premise and I am going to get past this mental block.

If I just do that this week, I will be very very proud of myself and will give myself lots of congratulations. 

b. read over an old novel that needs revising. Get ideas for revising. Start revising. 

c. start a new novel. 

I know I should be more concrete than that but I don’t think I can be. My problems right now are mental rather than anything else. I need to push myself forward on projects that have made me question myself because they are so different from what I usually do so I drop them. 

Like when I dropped Calculus because what? What was going on? Limits? Huh? And up to that point, math had been fun for me. I liked figuring it out, but as soon as it got beyond hard, like I had to push my mind in a way I wasn’t used to, what did I do? I dropped the class. I tend to do that. 

So this week, I will not do that. I will push through. I will resist reading bad news stories or checking in on celebrity lives that have nothing to do with anything. Instead, I will face my writing demons.

That is my main secret biggest goal of all. 

The end.

P.S. I probably could write a novel in one day if someone forced me to do it and there was no internet and my kids were safe with their dad and I was locked in an empty room and there was padding on the walls and there was only carrots to eat and no pillows or blankets or anything comfortable so maybe no padding on the walls and someone was going to pay off my house if I did it and it didn’t have to be good at all, like total crap. Then I could (and would!) totally do it. 

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  1. sueburton

    I eat a lot of carrots. Wish they could completely satisfy.

    I’m sure it’s because I’m tired, but I felt so discouraged when you talked about novelSSS you have written and haven’t finished up yet. I mean, I have written ONE and I think it’s stunning. I think. But what if no one else does? As George McFly says, “I don’t think I could take that kind of rejection.”


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