March Marathon Madness, 18-31, Day One

Do you have your goals set?

Your times set aside for writing?

Does your family know what you’re doing?

Have you given yourself permission to do this?

Are you excited?

My goals have changed because I didn’t do what I thought I would do last week. (Remember, I’ve been looking for a place to live and that’s taking too much time as is packing and worrying.)

Here they are, my three and a half goals:

1. Finish Motor Home book, draft.

2. Rewrite three chapters, in full, on partnership.

3. Rewrite edited part of partnership book, in full (if my partner and I approve of what’s been done).

3.5. Maybe start next novel.

Okay–I’m off to write.

I will check back with you all this week and next.

Let’s share goals and great lines and talk over worries, okay?

Here’s the first line of my motor home book:

Nanny sat at the table when I wandered in at dusk from swimming, not a light on, just her cigarette glowing.

Add your first line. We’re interested.

Let’s go!

Woot woot!



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10 responses to “March Marathon Madness, 18-31, Day One

  1. Amy

    …and we’re off!
    Writing Goals today:
    Review new comments back from group on WIP. Revise as needed. Add at least 2,500 new words to WIP.

    Get final images needed for first half of puppetry book. Talk with partners regarding illus and video progress.

    Reward self for a good day by allowing self to work on new work or to blog… whichever is most enticing at the moment.

  2. sueburton

    It’s just after 11:00 and I’m about to begin several hours of uninterrupted writing. I’ll share a goal or two maybe in the next few days after I see how this one goes!

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  4. My first line: Paris is lovely when you’re dead.
    (no zombies or vampires, I promise)
    Goal: 600 words a day, 5 days a week. I want to finish the rough draft of my work in progress by June 17th, (for the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference) and I need to write 3000 words a week.

  5. Bruce Luck

    Goal for the day: 60 minutes or more on revision of story and finish anothers’s critique and post it. Goal for marathon: complete revision and have it ready to send to publishers by April 7 (I’m giving myself an extra week because I get some writing time with a week off at spring break.)

    First line of current WIP: Okay. Let’s be up front about something. I’m a dog.

    • CLW

      Hello, Bruce! You’re here!
      Extending the marathon is a lovely idea. I may be moving when you are still writing. But we will see what happens with THAT. 🙂

      Great first line!

  6. My goal is to finish the book I started for NANO. I have about three hundred pages in, so it shouldn’t be hard. And my main character looks like Zac Efron, so who would not want to write about that?

    My other goal is to write when Benjamin Franklin and the Hulk are sleeping, and not cruise Pinterest.

    My first line: “How did your dad die?”
    “He was mauled by tigers,” I said, lying.
    Okay that was two lines. I cheated.


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