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Day Two, continued

How did the day go?

Was it good?

Did you reach your goal?

Are you happy with you’re writing?

I read John Steinbeck’s letter out loud twice today. I wondered what he would think of some of the writing published today. I wondered if he would have been my friend.

Let’s keep remembering that letter–he was scared. Just like we are.

Still, he did it. So can we.

See you tomorrow!


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Day Two, continued

From William Faulkner:

“I would say to get the character in your mind. Once he is in your mind, and he is right, and he’s true, then he does the work himself. All you need to do then is to trot along behind him and put down what he does and what he says. It’s the ingestion and then the gestation. You’ve got to know the character. You’ve got to believe in him. You’ve got to feel that he is alive, and then, of course, you will have to do a certain amount of picking and choosing among the possibilities of his action, so that his actions fit the character which you believe in. After that, the business of putting him down on paper is mechanical.”

Do you know your character? Really know her? Are you following her along, picking up her lines, noticing her actions that are only her?

As I have ‘driven’ along with Winston in this 1972 motor home, I am learning lots about her. And sometimes I’m surprised.

For example, I had no idea Winston wants to be an Olympic swimmer. But her goal works perfectly with the tragic, historical event that pops up in my book.

But mostly, I’m just enjoying this girl. I think she’s funny, gutsy, and she may have a very cute boyfriend by the end of this trip.

How’s the writing going for YOU?

Are you working hard?

This morning I got a little done, but not enough.

Have you been thinking of your secret goal? Are you working toward that, too?

Keep in mind your best written stuff so you will know what to read when we get together on April 8.

And happy marathoning.



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Some things to think about

Here are some absolute truths/home remedies from my four year old:

1. If your neck gets tired from playing computer games, you need to eat cereal.

2. Buttered popcorn cures warts.

3. If you get a blister, read a book. It will go away by the last page. 

What absolute truths does your MC adhere to? What do they believe that no one else believes? How do they see the world? How is their vision different from those around them? Different from you? What about the at the end of the book? Does popcorn still cure warts? What changes? 


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Some Inspiration . . . .

Today the Utah Poet Laureate, Lance Larsen, is coming to speak to my class. He also happens to be the keynote speaker at WIFYR this year. I am excited to hear what he has to say. Here is an interview and a few of his poems for a little inspirational motivation as you work. I especially love his answer about what he loves most about writing:

The invisible fuse it lights within and never knowing exactly where it will lead. Anne Sexton said that “God is in the typewriter keys.” I like that. The sensation of the known world colliding with the unknown can become quite addictive.

I hope this will be helpful in getting your creative juices going if you’re stuck, or if you’re not stuck, just a nice little poetic break.

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