Day Two, continued

How did the day go?

Was it good?

Did you reach your goal?

Are you happy with you’re writing?

I read John Steinbeck’s letter out loud twice today. I wondered what he would think of some of the writing published today. I wondered if he would have been my friend.

Let’s keep remembering that letter–he was scared. Just like we are.

Still, he did it. So can we.

See you tomorrow!


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2 responses to “Day Two, continued

  1. Bruce Luck

    Got in my 60 minutes + the 30 I fell short of yesterday. My MC is a dog. Don’t know about Steinbeck but the dog would have approved of last night’s nap.

  2. sueburton

    I have something in common with Bruce–his mc is a dog and my life is a dog. No. I mean, one of our sweet dogs died last week and I’m having a hard time getting anything done. I don’t do grieving well, but it is oddly fortuitous that I’m going through this. My mc also goes through a grieving process, so I’m doing her the favor of sharing it, or providing the real life tang for hers.


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