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Day Two!

I’ve been up and writing.

Not a lot because I have two daughters who are puking their guts out and I have had to run hither and yon to help them

In fact, I only have a minute for this post.

But I have a hint for you to try the rest of this two weeks.

Give yourself 15 minutes every day to THINK about your story.

Make it at the same time every day. Like right before lunch. Same time, same place. It doesn’t matter when, just do it. Maybe sit on the front porch alone and think what will happen next in your story.

HINT: When I am in the shower (and I only shower for a few minutes because this house has water that gets cold very quickly), my mind sort of relaxes. While I wash my hair I have a moment to let my brain do all the work for whatever problem I may be facing. I’ve come up with solutions to my writing while showering, come up with new book ideas, even great lines. Rather than me manhandle my story, this is a good time for my brain to take over.

So why not give yourself that time by making it happen?

Do nothing but relax. Have paper and pencil there that you pick up when the ideas come. Or the solution to a problem pops into your head.

If you do this every day for the next almost two weeks, solutions will appear and your brain will be ready to help you solve problems.


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