Day Three

So far so good.

Once, I did NaNoWriMo and I got behind on day one and quit on day two.

Once, I was all ready to do NaNoWriMo and I didn’t at ALL.

Once, I wrote more than half a middle grade novel on NaNoWriMo. Then quit. The book just wasn’t working.

But today, today plan on writing 1500 words.

Why? Because I am going to succeed with our marathon.

What about you?


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One response to “Day Three

  1. Amy

    So far I’ve made chapters 1-4 bleed ink for the current WIP.
    They needed it.
    With co-writers–finished a new puppet show. I can’t take much credit here, I felt like I was just the typist. But I did learn from it.
    I’ve refused to be distracted by the enticing new project that is begging to be told–it must wait!

    Goals today:
    Incorporate notes on 1-4. Fix 5&6 as needed due to new edits in 1-4.
    NEW discovery writing of 2500 words by bedtime tonight.


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