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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee–Day Four, continued!

Even when you feel like crap.
I had a horrible flu on Tuesday that was followed by a horrible horrible cold {Maybe cancer..who knows!?}. I swear I’m sick with something new every week.
But I wrote yesterday.
And I’m writing today.
I did what Mom said. I sat and thought about my story. Maybe I only pondered it for five minutes. But it helped. Because I kind of have an idea of what’s going to happen.
Kind of.
Some tips that have helped me get re-inspired {Even though I am far from that…}
I added something real to my story. As in, something that just happened to me.
It doesn’t have to be some huge event in your life, but it’s so much easier to add stuff that you know {don’t we all already know this? I seem to forget it a lot more than I should….}
I took some feelings from my dreams I’ve been having and sort of added those in. {I don’t have fun dreams about winning money. I mostly just dream and cry in my sleep} But it always helps me find some sort of emotion for my character. Does this sound ridiculous? Well, yes. But it has actually helped me a lot.
I’ve been reading again.
This, and I SWEAR, really is the most helpful thing. It just . . . inspires me. Helps my brain stop being a jerk and work with me. Reading, you are the greatest thing a writer has.
Another thing I’ve been doing {And this is the last, I swear} is tell myself… “You’re going to write for this long, and then you can take a fifteen minute break to check Reddit. But then it’s back to work you go!”
Sometimes I break my own rules. But lately, it’s helped keep me less distracted.
All right people! Let’s keep writing.


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Three Thing Thursday: Day Four

We’re moving along. I hope everyone is still with us. Even if you slacked off a day or two, that’s okay. Jump back on the marathon with us. As I always tell my running friends, let me know if you need me to give you a ride at a certain point in the race. As well, I have been known to ask joggers if they need a ride home. Sometimes we just need a break.

1. At some point, tell us your favorite line that you have written today.

2. What have you learned about your novel that you had no idea about?

3. And a great quote, this time by Dr. Seuss, from the New York Times. “You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.”
The article was called On Becoming a Writer and was pubbed on May 21, 1986. I had a two-day-old baby girl.

I’ll be back later with something from Kyra. And then a few more great quotes. And we’ll probably hear from Ann Dee today, too.

Until then!

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Early Bird

I’ve been up since four! I didn’t do it on purpose but it feels so nice to be getting a jump on my writing goals. I will pay for it later. 

Who gets up early to write? 

Who stays up late? 

Who does both? 

I am also spying on my neighbor who had a four thirty a.m. visitor. What does that mean? Who is it? 

I must stop blogging and spying. 

Must write. 




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