Early Bird

I’ve been up since four! I didn’t do it on purpose but it feels so nice to be getting a jump on my writing goals. I will pay for it later. 

Who gets up early to write? 

Who stays up late? 

Who does both? 

I am also spying on my neighbor who had a four thirty a.m. visitor. What does that mean? Who is it? 

I must stop blogging and spying. 

Must write. 




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3 responses to “Early Bird

  1. Get up early…hahahahaha. Yeah, that’s never gonna happen. I’m a night owl all the way. 🙂

  2. sueburton

    I do both, but not on purpose. Some days I wake up already writing in my head. Love those days.

    So, who was the neighbor’s 4:30 visitor???

  3. CLW

    I should hope you DIDN”T stop spying.


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