Daily Archives: March 26, 2013

Day Nine!

I am so close and I haven’t been able to do what Lance says. Write every day.

We have to move and I have been sort of writing but not really writing. I have been packing and cleaning.

And yesterday my girls came over and I made Thai coconut soup that was pretty good and spring rolls, too. They weren’t as great because I have never worked with the rice paper but now I know how and so next time I will do better because guess why? The filling was awesome.

Today I teach, but I will write this morning.

And I will offer this amazing quote to you–so get ready.

“Everywhere I go I’m asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them. There’s many a best-seller that could have been prevented by a good teacher.”

Yup, that’s Miss Flannery again. We’ll have a few more from her before the writing is done.


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